Your director of service is concerned about the HRM issues, pressures and challenges facing your specialist area/service/department and says she/he would value a presentation on these. (CLO 1 & CLO 3)

Presentation Guidelines:
The presentation should:

  • Identify the issues, pressures and challenges relating to HRM that are affecting your
    specialist area/service/department;
  • Provide proposed solutions and recommendations to the issues, pressures and
    challenges identified;
  • Employ academic references and relate the solutions /recommendations to academic
    and wider literature(s).
  • Employ APA 7th edition reference.
  • The duration of the presentation is 10 minutes.
  • The presentation should contain a maximum of 12 slides.
  • Need to attach a self-recorded video of you presenting the slides.
  • Please find the below link to view the guide to upload videos on the LMS.