Write a Plaintiff’s rule statement for appropriation. Hint, there are three points of law.

  1. Write a complete rule statement for all five Appropriation defenses. I’m hammering  this home, because now that college athletes are fair game, virtually every company’s public relations team in small towns to major cities may choose to advertise through their local, collegiate stars. Moreover, influencers carry these same rights. As a professional communicator, you need to be able to navigate through them. (45 points)
  2. President Trump holds a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a campaign event and not an official presidential visit. During the rally, Trump makes the following statement: “You have a red-hot Senate race here in Arizona. On one side, you have Martha McSally, a decorated fighter pilot. On the other side, you have Mark Kelly, who was court-martialed because he was found to be working for China!”  Meantime, Trump’s public relation’s team tries to fundriase off this scandal. They design a T-shirt with Kelly’s image and the logo, “China Mark,” over the image. The public relation’s team sells 500 shirts online the first day. If Mark Kelly sues Trump’s campaign, what lawsuit would he likely file and would he be successful? (30 points)

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