Which of the following reflects a team evaluation criterion? Managed conflicts between stakeholder groups interested in the project Ensured completed deliverable was 95% defect-free Met sc

  Question 1

Which of the following reflects a team evaluation criterion?

Managed conflicts between stakeholder groups interested in the project

Ensured completed deliverable was 95% defect-free

Met schedule requirements for completion of project tasks

Worked collectively to manage identified risks for the project


Which of the following statements about the usefulness of project management is true?

Project management methods are useful in many different types of organizations.

Project management is most commonly used in the building trades.

Project management is not useful for personal situations.

Project management is typically reserved for expensive projects.


Which of the following best describes a successful project? 

A project completed under budget

A project completed on budget

A project that delivers the specified scope

A project that finishes early


Which of the following documents will a project manager use to evaluate the impact of a project?

Final schedule

Risk register

Scope document

Final budget


Which of the following is true regarding transferring ownership? 

The person responsible for the project is identified at the project approval meeting.

The project manager is often involved in implementing the project deliverables.  

The project manager has contact with the person responsible for the project after the transfer meeting.

The project manager only communicates with the responsible person at the transfer meeting.


Which of the following do the project approval meeting and the transfer meeting have in common?

Team members attend both meetings.

The deliverable requirements are reviewed.

The budget is reviewed.

The schedule is reviewed.


Which of the following is an example of a product development project?

Manage a project to develop a new solar-powered camping tent.

Manage a project to raise funds for a national science competition.

Manage a project to analyze the need for a new layout of a retail store.

Manage a project to organize a convention for new inventors.


Which of the following is NOT included in the checklist a project manager uses to determine if a project is ready to close? 

Deliverable requirements review

Risk review

Contract review

Communication plan review


Which of the following is NOT a formal, required step but is often performed during the closing process? 

Recording feedback from team members

Assessing the team

Evaluating achievement of project benefits

Celebrating project completion


Which method below may be used to file project documentation in a consistent manner? 

Require copies of files to be given to each stakeholder.

Require the same number of files to be stored for every project.

Require project sponsor to sign off on each file stored for every project.

Require the files to use the same naming convention for every project.


Project documents are warehoused for which of the following reasons? 

To adhere to corporate privacy and tax laws

To document project management policy changes

To document employee evaluations

To access past project information as needed


Who of the following makes the decision as to which path to take during the closing of a project?

Project sponsor

Project sponsor and key stakeholders

Project sponsor and all stakeholders

Project sponsor and project manager


Which of the following is the correct reason the team is released as the last step in the closing process?

You may need team members to help in the transfer of ownership.

You cannot release them until they have another project assignment.

You may need them to sign off on deliverable.

You may need team members to meet with the project sponsor to gain approval.


Which activity would Trina perform in Phase 3 of a project to create a plant nursery at a local hardware store?

Manage changes to the deliverables.

Create an estimated timeline for completion.

Develop the work breakdown structure.

Verify deliverables are complete.


If the individual taking ownership of a project is identified early in the project, which information below is NOT reviewed at the transfer meeting?

Project deliverables

Project scope

Outstanding issues

Project requirements


During which phase below would a project manager monitor the work performed to create a deliverable? 

Phase 3

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 4


In which of the following circumstances is the “Extend the Project” path selected for a project? 

A competing project or new technology has replaced the current project deliverables.

The implementation of the project is too costly for the business to sustain.

The organization has time to delay implementation to ensure deliverables meet requirements.

There is a business need for the deliverables to be implemented without delay.


In which of the following ways is a team evaluation different than an individual evaluation? 

A team evaluation is a mandatory activity for a project manager to complete.

A team evaluation is more likely to utilize performance management tools.

A team evaluation focuses more on measurable standards.

A team evaluation focuses more on collaborative efforts of individuals.


Which item below should be documented in the lessons learned? 

Decision criteria

Team evaluations

Deliverable quality issues

Risk log


Which of the following is the next step Jared will perform in the closing process if he has already made sure all contracts and deliverables were complete?

Determine if the project is ready to close.

Complete required documentation.

Document lessons learned.

Gain project approval.


Who of the following reviews the final version of the lessons learned first? 

Project team

Project approvers

Entire organization

Upper management

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