What is a Personal Narrative Essay? Main writing points

As a student, essay writing is something that you cannot avoid. It is part of your academic life. One of the writing assignments that you will come across in the course of learning is the personal narrative essay. It is a piece of writing allowing students to share their experiences in life creatively and professionally. It could be part of the school work or a college admission process, requiring you to share your understanding of self or society. In this essay, we will help you convey your narrative effectively, starting by explaining what a personal narrative essay is, how to write one, and the factors to be considered while writing.

What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

A personal narrative is non-fiction storytelling where the writer expresses their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. It is told in the first person, where the writer attempts to draw their life events constructed in a story form. In this type of text, the writer relates to external events and reveals inner life. The focus should be something meaningful in life where you connect it to the prompt given. To aid in this, you should consider several questions.

To help identify the meaningful events, ask yourself these questions: What occasion in my life has stood up? Which events have taught me something that is life-changing? Select an incident that you feel has made significant changes in your life. Such events are good as you can generate superb ideas for your narrative essay. You could, for instance, use the coaching experience to demonstrate its importance on a related career path if the objective is to focus on a career path.

Moral Lesson

Another question is on the moral lesson of your personal story. You will score more if you catch the attention of the reader and one of the ways to do this is by offering a moral lesson. Stories are not told just for the sake of it; the writer should show life-changing events which helped in learning valuable lessons. For example, you could describe a situation in which you lost a match, but the experience taught you valuable lessons that helped you later in life.

Ideas that Fit the Theme

The other area you need to consider is the ideas that fit the theme. A narrative will have elements like plot, characterization, and setting, which combine to construct the thesis. It is the central meaning of your narrative. It is what tells your reader what the writing is all about. The characters created by you express the theme of your story. The identification of the story’s theme helps the reader reach conclusions. When a writer selects realistic themes resonating with the targeted audience, the story has an impact, which enables the readers to remember it long after they have read it.

Logical Sequence

Organizational strategies and story elements are used in personal narratives to express the importance of personal experience. Organizational structure supports the main idea allowing the writer to present the events in a meaningful order. Since stories talk about one significant event that occurred within a given time, most organizational structure is chronological. However, the essay writer should not just list the events; there must be a clear understanding of certain elements, such as insights and lessons learned need to be incorporated. Meaningful transitions and sentence connections can enhance this.
Take these factors into consideration, and you will convey your message effectively.

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