Week 6 Assignment: Course Project Phase 3: Reflection Paper (Graded)

This reflection paper is mainly about the things I have learned from interviewing a registered nurse. The registered nurse I have interviewed is Miss Latonia Valiant. She has been in the nursing profession for 10 years and all her experiences have proven to be very significant because she was able to satisfactorily answer all the interview questions I asked her. The insights I have gained from our interview will be very helpful for my own nursing practice and experience. Through our interview, I was able to realize that nursing is indeed a very challenging profession. The roles and responsibilities of a nurse are all intended to provide the best quality of care to all their patients at all times. My interview of Miss Latonia Valiant has made me realize that nursing is a fulfilling profession and it is a profession that will help me achieve personal and professional growth.

Reflection on Learning from Nurse’s Answers

 Miss Latonia Valiant’s answers have given me an overview of what it is like to work as a nurse. I have learned that nursing is a progressive profession because nurses are expected to adhere to the changes brought by innovations in technology as well as the implications of specific periods of time. For instance, Miss Valiant explained that nursing in the past was not as difficult as nursing in the present because there are more sick people in the present than in the past. Furthermore, the more advanced technology has become, the more complicated people’s ailments have become, too.

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In addition to this, I have come to learn that helping one another is something that nurses should always practice. According to Miss Valiant, it is not good to rely on other nurses to fulfill one’s tasks and responsibilities, but having supportive and helpful colleagues will surely lighten nurses’ roles. I have also learned that some nurses adhere to the concept of seniority. Nurses who have been in the profession for a longer period of time tend to be negligent of their younger and less experienced colleagues. However, Miss Valiant emphasized that she has not adopted this culture. She is always willing to help and guide other nurses whenever she can. 

Insight Gained from Conversation Regarding Leadership, Provision of Care, and/or Evidence-Based Practice

 Based on my interview with Miss Valiant, I have learned that leadership is essential in nursing. A leader is a person who helps and guides others in order to achieve common goals and promote personal and professional growth. Since I know Miss Valiant personally, I can attest that she exemplifies the most favorable qualities of a good leader. She is humble, approachable, and insightful. She has spent a decade looking after patients and the experience she has gained has honed her best qualities as a nurse and a nursing leader.

Based on Miss Valiant’s experiences, I was able to realize that nurses always have to extend patience and understanding towards their patients and even their colleagues. Nurses need to work together in order to make it easier for one another to achieve their set goals. Working as a team will enable nurses to determine strengths that could aid in the achievement of success and weaknesses that need to be addressed. However, it is important for nurses to be guided by a responsible and competent leader who always puts the welfare of others first and exemplifies the core values of a healthcare provider.

Analysis of Impact of Nursing History on Professional Practice Today and in the Future

 Miss Valiant intimated that her favorite nurse is Florence Nightingale. She said that she liked Florence Nightingale’s concept of creating the ideal environment for patients in order to improve the recovery process. Based on what she said, I realized that nursing history has the capacity to influence professional practice today and in the future. Despite all the innovations in the world today, nurses will always have to look back on nursing history because it serves as the ultimate guide in identifying the goals and objectives of nurses. Even though nursing practice was not very refined in the past, it is evident that nurses during that time have done an excellent job in promoting desirable health outcomes even with limited knowledge and the absence of innovations in healthcare technology.

In the future, more innovations will be made which means that the progress of the nursing profession in the future will surely surpass even the most advanced developments that have been made at the present time and period. The nursing profession holds a lot of potential for growth and improvement because the healthcare field is always evolving to cater to the growing needs of the people. Without change, the nursing profession will not be able to enhance healthcare practices that are required to address the complicated nature of the healthcare profession in general.


In conclusion, the nursing profession is a noble and fulfilling profession because it teaches nurses the skills necessary in providing quality care to patients. In nursing, nurses are not restricted to performing healthcare procedures. Nurses are also expected to establish good professional relationships with their patients and colleagues. Nurses will benefit from responsible, patient, and humble colleagues who are always willing to help. Nursing history is very important in the nursing profession because it serves as the guide for how nurses should accomplish their role and responsibilities especially in the provision of quality care services. 

            Nurses need to have good leaders so that they can enhance their skills and capabilities. Despite the innovations in healthcare technology, nurses still need to guarantee that they improve their skills and capabilities in order to cater to the needs of patients. At present, nurses are facing a lot of challenges because health concerns have become more complicated and challenging compared to health concerns in the past.

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