Week 1 Assignment: Course Project Phase 1: Selected Nurse Information (Graded)



Directions: Answer the following areas and questions below.

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  1. Name, Credentials, Email, and Phone Number of Selected Nurse (25 points)


Credentials: Registered Nurse

Email Address:

            Phone Number:

  • Years Selected Nurse Has Been an RN and practice areas (15 points)

How many years has your selected nurse been an RN?

10 years

What are his/her areas of practice? Medical Surgical

  • How long have you known this RN and how? (25 points)

How long have you known your selected RN? 5years

How did you meet?  We met through my school friend

  • Why did you select this RN? How do you think this RN is making history? (40 points)

Why did you select this RN?

 Nurse Latonia helped referred me to the job I have now. She mentored my friend and I through nursing school. She was my go to person when I have difficulty in nursing school  and when she became my charge nurse, she is my go to person on clarification on what I am not sure of.

How do you think your selected RN is making history?

She is making history by helping every new nurse that come to work on the floor welcome and by making herself approachable. No question is stupid to her. She is ready to help in everyday possible. I have never seen her say no to any nurs asking for help. Even without asking for help when she see that the workload is overwhelming  she come to help without asking her. After the end of the shift she stay back to make sure every  nurse that work the shift with her are done with their work.

  • Date, time, and location of scheduled conversation (30 points)

Note: Date must be scheduled between Saturday of Week 2 or during Week 3. 

Date of scheduled conversation: 11/13 /2020

Time of scheduled conversation: 12am

Location of scheduled conversation: Med- Surg floor

Christ hospital

  • Submission method planned for Week 3 Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse (15 points)

      How do you plan to submit your Week 3 Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse? Select One: Audio recording, Audio video recording, OR typed on Week 3 Phase 2: Conversation with the Selected Nurse Template

Although I am sure that throughout this course I will learn much more about nursing history, what I do know about it directly impacts my practice as a nurse. Reading in the weekly lesson about the progression of nursing as a profession made me realize I am so grateful that nursing has transformed into a modern profession with regulation and a distinction in medicine. Nursing appears to have always been rooted in caring and nurturing, as can be observed in ancient examples such as that of ancient Rome, where men of shining qualities administered care to the sick, to pre-medieval times in Europe where women provided holistic healing, and the Christian church opening hospitals for the indignant during the crusades. 

I really loved the biblical example of Phoebe, described as a deaconess. Truthfully, I had never heard the term until now, and see how this early version of nursing had its roots in the Christian duty that compelled many to view this course as their contribution to the world. It was interesting to see how Theodore Fieldner began an official movement, one could say, to bring this profession into organization and attract young women into its service. Although nursing has often been female driven, I was very interested to learn the history of men in nursing goes into ancient times as well, with the first official school of nursing for men opening in India in 250 BCE. 

So, how do all these things affect me? Nursing is only what I know it as today because of all these nurses who came before me, and how they established nursing not only as a course of caring and advocating for those less fortunate, but as a true profession that is organized and regulated, holding it’s own in the field of medicine. I stand as the guardian between my patient and all the providers managing their care. I proudly have specialized training and schooling, with state and federally recognized licensure because Sophie Hubeli passed the first state board examination in 1913. The women’s suffrage movement contributed to the freedom not only for women to vote, but the advancement on the views of women, such as work and lifestyle, that make my independent and free choices not only accepted but applauded. I am expected to understand how to titrate the drip medications that save my patient’s life minute by minute, as well as how to change their linens. I am expected to manage the continuous dialysis machine that gently cleans their blood when their kidneys shut down, as well as hold their hand when they feel overwhelmed. I am expected to catch a doctor’s mistake before it can harm my patient, as well as patiently feed my patient who cannot lift their hands. I am grateful for the nursing history that came before me, and I look forward to seeing nursing continue to grow and expand as it has in recent years, because my practice is much more because of this expansion.


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