Using the health care system questions.

Let’s look at some questions to ask while talking to a Doctor. He or she will be quite surprised if you throw a few of these out and will probably make you a very respectable patient.

Read these two articles describing the roles of Nurse-Midwives and Pharmacists. 



1) What are two things you learned about these different types of Doctors that you didn’t know before?….please explain.


2)After reading about General Practitioners, how do you feel about going to one? Would you have different questions for this person?


3) How do you know if you need a specialist?


4) Have you ever been to a Specialist? What kind?


5) Who would you go see if you think you have hearing loss?


6) What kind of specialist deals with children from infancy through adolescence!?


7) Can you think of 2 more questions you, as a teenager, would like to ask your Doctor to make sure he or she is reliable and respectable?

Please research two specialties from above. Include information from at least two websites per specialist. Explain their job, who they treat, what their qualifications are, and any other information you would like to add. Topic #1


9) Post the second thing you researched here.


10) What is the primary role of a nurse-midwife?


11) What are some characteristics of a good pharmacist?

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