Useful Hacks for Online Study


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Make online study a part of your daily routine

Make a dedicated schedule for online learning. Give yourself enough time to sit down and read the materials so that you understand everything. Determine the time of day that you will devote to studying. Ask yourself: are you a morning learner or a night learner? Which time of the day are you more active? Then plan your study for a time when your activity is at its peak. Don’t forget to schedule healthy snacks and breaks to help you shake up and focus.

The great thing about learning online is definitely the flexibility. But if you don’t manage the time for online study wisely, you can easily find yourself overboard.

Motivation is the key

If you cannot find motivation to study online, don’t full yourself that you will have the motivation to work. Companies hire employees with internal motivation; they don’t need to hire someone and then spend thousands of dollars for their motivation and training. So, when studying – picture a clear goal for yourself, why are you taking this study program, what new knowledge and skills do you want to get? These things help tremendously in finding motivation for your online study.

Arrange a cozy place to study

This one is a very important hack. Most students would say that they’d prefer to study in a cozy sofa or even in bed. However, a too relaxed posture may not be productive and contribute to your studying process. Your place for online study should include the minimal number of absolutely necessary things, such as a laptop, a notebook, a pen, etc. Sitting when studying online is preferred as this type of posture contributes the most to focus and concentration. 

Set realistic learning goals

Different online courses require different workloads. Estimate how much time is needed for your study needs so that you can balance study with other tasks. For example, if you work full-time, and have a family, don’t kid yourself: you’re unlikely to manage 24 hours of study every week.

If you’re not sure how much time you can really commit to, start small. Then gradually increase the load.

Setting realistic goals is the best way to keep you focused on the online learning. Breaking a big goal down into smaller, achievable chunks can help keep you motivated throughout your studies as you tick off small tasks that move closer to your ultimate goal.

Team support

In most cases, your close ones (family members and friends), should be happy to back up and support you in your studies. For example, if you’re having a rough day and there’s homework or a webinar coming up, they’ll be able to bail you out if you let them know in advance.

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Make the most of your studies

To extract the maximum benefit out of your studies, be active and stay positive. Do not miss lectures during a study course. Feel free to ask questions when the opportunity is right. There are no wrong questions in online study. Clarifications will help you understand and assimilate everything correctly. Complete homework, if provided by the course, and then familiarize yourself with presentations and additional literature. Be interested in your subject. Communicate with fellow students in joint chats, and personally contact the curator. In that case, this online course will really make you more knowledgeable and educated.

Discover your learning style

Everyone’s learning style is different. Some people need to write things down, while others learn better in discussions with others. Ultimately, there cannot be an absolutely right or absolutely wrong style to study, but knowing your optimal style can help you get the most out of your online learning experience.

Reward yourself for success

Online learning requires discipline and rewards, which are essential elements in every motivational model. So reward yourself every time you reach a small study goal—this will motivate you to keep going and eventually complete your course with flying colors. It can be something really simple – even a piece of cake after reading all the assignments, or watching your favorite movie genre after completing a practical task. It’s important to reflect on what you’ve learned and be proud of your successes. This strong positive reinforcement life hack will make you much closer to your ultimate study goals.

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