University of Nairobi Environmental waste Robotastic Questions

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Dear Students,

For the final paper, please prepare an APA style proposal that describes in detail the problem that your agent/program/robot is designed to address. Provide a background about why this is a problem, using references and citations from other sources that describe the issue.

Also, describe in narrative (paragraph) form the abilities and characteristics of your agent.

Do describe how specifically the agent would learn, which tasks would it evolve based on its interaction with the environment including other bots, programs, people, or data sets.

Do make sure to really describe the agent’s/bot’s intelligence and adaptability to its incoming stimuli. Make sure that you use the proper terminology used by others who have created specific components of your agent and define what you mean. When in doubt, clarify any points that might need clarity. Keeping with the rules of APA style writing and citation, also make sure that someone who has not taken this class can understand what you mean.

A good writing practice, and one I use when I craft anything, is to write it, leave it for a few hours, then go back and make sure that every sentence follows logically from the last and that you don’t make great leaps in logic without clarifying what you mean. Do not use colloquial language. Write formally and with clear goals for each paragraph. This may end up being a great writing sample for you if you are planning to apply to graduate programs, so spend time getting better at this skill, it will be highly prized and required no matter where you career or life goals take you. If you can write, you can earn a living!

In this final paper, please use a narrative APA style for the final draft. Bullet points were fine in the outline, but the final should read like an APA style paper with references and minimal colloquial language. You can organize it based on APA-style models with an Introduction, Concept Design/Features section, Prediction of Utility and Outcomes, and perhaps a Conclusion. References are added at the end of the paper followed by Appendices you might wish to add.

The headings above are merely meant as an example, you can use ones that make the most sense with your proposed agent. I find headings help me organize my papers, but they are not required.

Please let me know if you have any questions. The minimum number of references is 10 and the page minimum is 8 pages of the paper (but more is welcome), not including the cover page, references, and ancillaries. Margins must not be larger than 1 inch all around, use Times New Roman 12 font with double spacing throughout, not larger. NO extra spaced between paragraphs.

Your paper will be judged on these requirements above along with clarity of problem described, details of the agent/program’s abilities and components, description of the extent to which the agent will learn and evolve based on principles we have learned in this class, and grammar, spelling, and logic rules.

  • Hope you enjoy this experience and I very much look forward to reading the final product. Please let me know if you have any questions as you begin crafting your paper. I would suggest giving yourself a few week from start to finish, as this will help you craft an excellent paper you can be proud of rather than a mediocre one you wish you have more time to work on. I have been there, at all points of this spectrum, between pride, and shame of handing in something I knew could have been better, so I get it, but handing in something you are proud of is a good feeling and will be more useful for you in the long and short run.
  • Over the next few weeks, you may want to jot down a work schedule that encompasses all of your life and school responsibilities so you are not surprised with any setback and can build in some buffer time in case things don’t work out as intended.
  • Please double check that your paper was actually submitted, that it is in Word or another mainstream program and verify that it is the correct file. If I can’t open it or it is the wrong file, there may not be time to let you know as I complete the final grading of the assignments and final grades. This is a good practice for all coursework.

    You may want to print these instruction out and have them with you as you craft your final paper.

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