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Uber Mission Statement Analysis

Week 3 Journal Mission Statements

BUS 402 Strategic Management & Business Policy

Week 3 – Journal

The mission statement of Uber is “to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion” The company recognizes that good things take place when individuals can move, whether towards their dreams or across towns (Uber, 2019). Opportunities open up, appear and turn into realities. The activities of the company linked to the mission statement include:

Igniting Opportunities: Uber works with experts and partners around the world to make informed choices and identify new opportunities for delivering access to reliable and dependable work, ensure flexibility and control, enhance protection and security so that nobody can slip through its social safety net, and avail opportunities for advancement and growth through development, experience, and learning.

Setting the World in Motion:  Uber aims to set the world in motion by availing reliable and flexible ride-sharing services. The services include micro-mobility systems, food delivery and ridesharing. The firm has diversified its services to incorporate air and road travels, among other luxurious customer-tailored services. The strategy has made it a firm of choice for many people. The expansion beyond regional limitations to have its presence felt worldwide is another commendable approach Uber has used to satisfy its customer needs, making it a multinational company.Order Now from Course ResearchersUber’s mission statement can be evaluated against the four basic questions specified by Hull (2013). In the first question: what do we do? Uber’s mission statement specifies that the company aims to ignite opportunity. It does this by offering reliable transportation services. In the next question: How do we do it? Uber’s main objective specified in the statement is to set the world in motion. It, therefore, implements different programs such as Uber health and the global citizenship program to achieve its mission.  The third question: Whom do we do it for? Uber has specified in the statement that it aims to provide its services to customers and partners in the whole world. Finally, regarding the fourth question, the primary value Uber aims to bring to the customer is the ability to identify and exploit opportunities.

I would award Uber’s mission statement five stars because it has clarified the entity’s intention. It is also meaningful and inspirational to the employees and customers. It is attainable because it has provided a clearly defined purpose of the entity and the goals it needs to attain.

The mission can be rewritten as follows to ensure that it addresses the four questions specified by Hull (2013) more precisely:

At Uber, our mission is to enable our customers and partners around the world to exploit opportunities by providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation and other related services. Using our unique strategies and service portfolio to differentiate our brand, we aim to establish the most profitable, innovative, and creative transport and associated products and services in the world.


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