Top Best 50+ Literature Topics

Top Best 50+ Literature Topics

Every good literature review essay often starts with a stressed-out student wondering where and how to choose a winning topic to review. For most students, the most challenging part of writing a literature review essay is selecting a suitable topic. Even top students need help to narrow down their subject choices to the ones they are genuinely interested in and excited about.

To help you start your research paper writing process, we have developed a few guiding principles to navigate the process and produce the best writing quality. Understanding the generic principles behind literature research paper topics will help you nail an assignment on any literary work.

Still, before we get to choose themes, we need first to understand what literary research involves.

What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review interprets the published literary works on a specific topic. This type of assignment blends the information from several available sources to form a complete critique or analysis of the literary piece’s content and main concepts. This work may be done theoretically or as an argument justifying the problem you are discussing. Writing a literature essay thus requires extensive research to find sufficient supporting material and examine the piece of literature from various angles. You should use sources recommended for reading in the class and supplement them with reliable academic sources. With these sources, you can gauge if the information is enough to produce a quality literature analysis.

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What Is the Purpose of a Literature Review?

So, why do we study literature, and why do we write reviews?

Literature review essays serve various motives. The topmost reason for writing a literature study analysis is to demonstrate your knowledge of the assigned literary works. These assignments also draw the background context to explain the social value of literature. They may prove the writer’s ability to frame research gaps and express arguments based on their understanding of the theme. Those who study literature also exhibit their analytical thinking capabilities through the review essays.

How to Write a Literature Essay?

Literary analysis essays take a specific format. If you need help figuring out where to start, search for a high-quality literature review essay example as a guideline. Since these tasks are meant to summarize, compare, evaluate, and critique the available scholarly works and develop the thesis and hypothesis from the information, they should be written in a specified format given by your professor. Each essay of this kind has three main parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Students should use the following literature essay outline:


This section traces the scope of the literature study and highlights the significance of your analysis. The essential questions include why you chose the particular topic or research subject. You should also provide the general background for the reader by introducing the literature work, its author, and the key themes it deals with.

Main Body

This is the fundamental part of the research paper. The section compares, contrasts, and explains the relationships between your ideas and the academic facts of the literature study. It is the segment where the main thoughts in the literature study guides are expressed in detail.

Depending on your assigned topic, you can explain which logic you used while picking your research topic and the research tactics applied.


Once you have exhausted the arguments presented in the main body of your research paper, complete the paper by summarizing your ideas and revisiting the thesis statement voiced in the introductory part.


This is the indispensable part of the literature review that indicates the sources you consulted in the process of writing. Be sure to format the section according to the academic guidelines.

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Best Literature Topics

In your study literature, you will experience different characters with unique attributes that must be intellectually dissected and discussed. For example, the English literature study of Lady Macbeth reveals the multilayered character whose review offers excellent essay material. Let us now explore some research topics in literature that can make your analytical essay impeccable and earn you good grades.

  • Effect of culture on literature in the American perception.
  • Role of literature in shaping the ethics of society.
  • Significance of female authors in literature.
  • Complete analysis of European literature.
  • Compare and contrast US classical literature and European literature.
  • Most potent social problems in modern literary works.
  • Why study literature?
  • African literary journalism.
  • The role played by names in children’s literature.
  • How can reading develop the imagination of a child?
  • The implication of unconditional love in the world of poetry.
  • Effect of war and peace on poetry.
  • Significance of comedy in Western literature.
  • American dream in literature – Discuss its significance.
  • Evaluate how clichés function in literature.
  • Describe the Byronic characters in literature.
  • Elaborate on the languages developed in the literature.
  • Analyze Japanese literature in the 20th century.
  • Explain cultural production in the context of Latino literature.
  • Discuss the most popular work of Ernest Hemingway.
  • What is the role of leadership themes in literature?
  • Discuss the communication mediums used in the field of literature.
  • Importance of sentence structure in literature.
  • Societal norms versus personal happiness in Victorian literature.
  • Can literature be called the catalyst of social change?
  • Post World War II – Analysis of American literature.
  • Contribution of Anne Bradstreet to American literature.
  • Great Gatsby-Analyzing the color interpretation.
  • The importance of proverbs in literature.
  • How are domestic violence and sexual abuse portrayed in novels and short stories?

Any of these suggestions can become your literature topics for research paper, or add to the topics of literature you can explore in a college essay.


If you study English Literature at a more advanced level, choosing the topics for literature review that you like and enjoy studying can make writing a literature essay pleasant. Once you research and fully understand the concept of the literary work, you can craft a convincing argument to support your thought on the assigned book or article. However, when you pick a topic you don’t like or fully comprehend, you may have difficulty persuading your reader to understand your point of view. The most effective strategy would be to select literature review topics that appeal to your emotions and provoke your thoughts.

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