Sub-group name and image with rationale Purnell’s Model constructs and Nursing Assignment Help

Identify cultural influences on health and decision-making. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following items:

  1. Sub-group name and image with rationale
  2. Purnell’s Model constructs and sub-group information (n = 12)
  3. Sub-group presence and issues 15 related to local and global community
  4. Summary of recommendations for providing culturally competent nursing care to this sub-group

Submission Instructions:

  • Presentation is original work and logically organized. Followed current APA format including citation of references.
  • Power point presentation with 10-15 slides were clear and easy to read. Speaker notes expanded upon and clarified content on the slides.
  • Incorporate a minimum of 5 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to current APA style (the library has a copy of the APA Manual).

Turnitin on this assigment will be apply.

please read the link for APA style please.

Expert Solution Preview


Cultural influences play a significant role in health and decision-making processes. Understanding the cultural factors that influence healthcare outcomes is crucial for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, to provide culturally competent care. This PowerPoint presentation aims to address the following items related to cultural influences on health and decision-making:

1. Sub-group Name and Image with Rationale:

The sub-group selected for this presentation is the Hispanic community in the United States. The image chosen for representation is a map of Latin America, highlighting the diversity and rich cultural heritage of this population. The rationale behind selecting this sub-group is their significant presence and influence in both local and global communities.

2. Purnell’s Model Constructs and Sub-group Information:

Purnell’s Model of Cultural Competence provides a comprehensive framework for understanding cultural influences on health. The presentation will cover all 12 constructs of the model and provide specific information related to the Hispanic community within each construct. This will include aspects such as communication, family roles, healthcare practices, beliefs, values, and more.

3. Sub-group Presence and Issues Related to Local and Global Community:

In this section, the presentation will explore the presence and issues faced by the Hispanic community in both the local and global communities. This will involve discussing healthcare disparities, access to healthcare services, socio-economic challenges, language barriers, and cultural stigmatization. Understanding these issues is essential for providing effective healthcare to this sub-group.

4. Summary of Recommendations for Providing Culturally Competent Nursing Care to this Sub-group:

The final section of the presentation will summarize recommendations for healthcare professionals in providing culturally competent nursing care to the Hispanic community. This will include suggestions for effective communication strategies, cultural sensitivity training, addressing healthcare disparities, promoting inclusivity, and tailoring healthcare services to meet the unique needs of this sub-group.

By addressing these key components, the PowerPoint presentation aims to enhance students’ understanding of the cultural influences on health and decision-making, and equip them with the knowledge to provide culturally competent care to diverse populations.

Please note: The actual content of the PowerPoint presentation will be designed and provided separately, as per the assignment requirements.

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