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Skin Deep

As you practice the terminology specific to the Integumentary system it is important to attach those words to something real and tangible. You can touch your skin. You see it shrivels if you spend too much time in the bath, but the water does not find its way into your bloodstream and overloads you with fluids. As you consume electrolytes and minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium) they do not subsequently spill out through your skin. These aspects are the anatomy and physiology of the skin.Watch this video which manages to make the A&P (the abbreviation for anatomy and physiology) fun:
Outline the A&P of the integumentary system.Include the following aspects in the discussion:

  • Summarize 4-5 of the most important functions of the skin
  • Use the proper terms
  • Include how and why the skin works (physiology)
  • Discuss one way in which something can go wrong with the integumentary system (pathophysiology)
  • Provide feedback on peers posts
  • Cite any references. At all times proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Copy and pasting are not allowed. Always use your own words.
  • 75-150 words

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