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Scaffolding Students Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies and resources for interpreting, analysing, evaluating and creating multimodal and digital texts

This task will be completed in two parts: Part A and Part B

Part A

The task requires you to prepare a presentation that demonstrates teaching strategies and resources appropriate for scaffolding students’ abilities for interpreting, analysing, evaluating and creating multimodal or digital texts in a specific year level of the Australian Curriculum: English. The presentation must identify specific curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards that are the focus for learning at the chosen year level.

The presentation should take the form of a PowerPoint with voice over or accompanying notes pages for each slide and should be designed for a specific audience which may be parents of students in your class attending an information session; or fellow teachers attending a professional development session.Order Now from Course ResearchersThe presentation should include the following sections:

  • A summary of the content descriptions and achievement standards related to interpreting, evaluating and creating the chosen text type at the specific year level
  • Teaching strategies used to scaffold the textual, linguistic and literacy knowledge required by users and producers of the specific multimodal or digital text at the chosen year level. (In this section you should illustrate practical ways of using resources and ICTs to teach the content descriptions you have identified.)
  • A concluding statement that explains how the targeted knowledge contributes to the acquisition of literacy across a range of curriculum learning areas and real-world contexts.

Part B

You must submit written documentation to support the presentation. The documentation should include the following:

  • An explanation and justification of the approach to teaching the conventions and structures of the chosen texts included in the presentation. This justification must show understanding of how students learn to be literate and include reference to the work of researchers and educators who have contributed to the development of pedagogical knowledge in multimodal and/or digital literacy. (Maximum 1500 words)
  • A copy of the PowerPoint and/or practical activities included in the presentation.

NB: Include Word and PPT files only – NO PDF. 

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