Progress Tracker: Resurrect Your Daily Regime


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People nowadays value being productive. There is no day when accounts on social media don’t scream from the rooftops about new efficiency lifehacks over and over. We have human factors that influence our habits and everyday routine. Lots of distractive things usually decrease our level of productivity, so it is crucial to stay focused and follow your daily regime.

Let’s recall a well-known fact about the daily regime – as we know, what we did yesterday is the result of what we have today. Every success comes with the regularity of consistent actions step by step. That is why people frequently suffer from burning deadlines and broken promises.

But how are we supposed to do everything on time with all these modern technologies and the overabundance of information we consume?

Here comes one of the most useful perks in our modern world. It is a progress tracker. Today we are provided with many mobile and web trackers, but honestly, people used to track their work even before phones, tablets, and computers were invented. Progress trackers are such planners for your daily regime. They help you to improve personal time management, do your work on time, and compare your productivity to previous days, weeks, months, and years.

Whether you are keen on modern technologies or are a fan of classics, so you used to solve problems on paper – start tracking your daily progress. Thanks to the Third Industrial Revolution (also called Digital Revolution), humanity is provided with useful options of special apps you can use anytime and anywhere to improve yourself constantly. In time, after using progress trackers, you will see how structured and meaningful your life has always been.

What is the point of using progress trackers?

Perhaps the best benefit of tracking apps is that you can structure every single item you note down as you want. There is a wide disparity between people who think with schemes and those with a more visual mindset. Independent of your way of thinking, you have an opportunity to put the information differently. Basically, you are becoming the designer of your life.

The second advantage of trackers is an opportunity of challenging yourself. In addition to the fact you always see the status of your work, study, or other daily options (for example, morning yoga), you can create long-term personal goals and reach them.

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Imagine you want to lose 25 pounds for half of the year. It is plenty of time, isn’t it? Now set this goal as another point in your planner. Done! You are on the way to success. It remains only to stock up on willpower and don’t lose your path.

Why do some people struggle with using progress trackers?

Unfortunately, you need a little bit of patience and a desire to use applications that teach you to increase the level of your patience. There is no magic pill to sharply improve your time management and concentration.

To avoid possible difficulties while using the progress tracker, we recommend you:

  • Begin with a couple of tasks. Don’t overload your dashboards with numerous assignments at first. Once you have tasted the essence of self-tracking, you are ready to add more tasks.
  • Mix easy tasks with difficult ones. You can do them in any order. Try the “Eat that frog” method to make your best.
  • Ensure yourself you are ready for changes. Prepare yourself that it will not be easy and face the complexity of regular self-tracking.

The use of progress trackers will help you to resurrect your daily regime. As a consequence, you will be able to do more things on time and will always know what the purpose of what you do every day is.

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