Powerful tricks and techniques to write a custom book review

College life and its academics are laden with so any writing tasks that a student have to delay every time. By the time a student is graduating from high school, he is optimistic about joining the college if his dreams. They also hope that there will be minimal challenges, but that is not the case. Assignment writing is different as opposed to high school. The student has to deal with lots of writing in terms of essays, dissertations, theses, book reviews, movie reviews and so on. Most importantly, the student is supposed to hone his writing skills when it comes to assignment writing. These skills ought to be taken seriously because they transcend school to apply in professional and general life at large.

Back to the story of wring book reviews, students have a lot to gain from this. As such, the assignment requires a student to give an objective review based on a book which can be assigned by their lecture. The assignment has expectations were one of them is to know how to write a book review. Regardless of the academic level in which you are, you face the necessity to deal with book reviews the assignment can be tricky and demanding, even though at face value, it seems easy as opposed to a book report. The latter provides a simple description of the plot and characters of the book. On the other hand, book reviews provide the audience with a critical and objective evaluation of the text because, for one, it studies in detail, the background of the text, subtext, character moves, and the importance of the literature.

This is not to say that some students cannot hack book reviews. There are dedicate souls in class who have what it takes to come up with compelling book reviews that earn them good marks. However, some students also have the challenge of writing competent book reviews, and as such, they result in an online writer who offers custom book review services. By now, you need to understand that writing a book review goes beyond summarizing and presents an opportunity for the writer to give a critical discussion of the book and let others know what to expect. Whether or not you are writing a book review as an assignment or for purposes of publication, you have to provide accurate analytical reading with a strong personal touch. For you to give an effective book review you have to describe the contents of the page, analyze how the book achieves its purpose, and express the arguments or reactions from a unique perspective.

Preparing to write a book review

When it comes to the techniques of how to write a book review, preparation comes at the top of the list. You cannot write an effective book review if you have not prepared well and as such, we are going to look to some of the techniques you need to apply as you prepare for this serious assignment.

Preparing for your book review

This is how you go about to get ready for your book review assignment.

Read the book taking notes

You have to read the book repeatedly as you take notes. His will help you to review the aspects of the story in a more informed way. You will also understand the setting and the characters in a completely different way.  Take down some notes in your notebook or use a voice recorder to documents any thoughts that you might have concerning the book you are reading.  The notes do not have to be perfect or that organized.  What you do so to brainstorm any impression you may have on the world. Summarize the major sections of the book because it is necessary to understand its structure.

Think about the genre/field of study of the book

As you prepare to write your book review and as you continue reading and taking notes, think about how the book fits in or does not fit in its genre. You can use outside sources to familiarize yourself with the gene if necessary. For instance, if your book review is based on a nonfiction book in a scientific, field and period of development, you can look for similar books in the same field to ascertain if it fits in the genre or not.

Determine the major arguments of the book as well as its themes

For you to write a custom book review, you need to single out the themes and arguments of the work. The theme refers to the overall message of the book and is the one that the audience perceives or reads between the lines. It consists of fundamental and often universal concepts that are explored in a book. Authors can have multiple themes in their work especially when it comes to works of fiction. As such, you have to identify them to assist you in supporting the argument being made within the contents of the book. Do not ignore the preface, any quotes, or references made within the book’s introduction. The content can shed light on the major themes of the book, for you to determine the major themes of a book, you have to sum up the book in a single sentence.

Pay attention to the writing style of the author

As you prepare to write your book review, ask yourself if the author’s style fits the target audience of the book. Bear in mind that the genre is a category of writing and style is the manner, which the subject has been expressed or performed.  As such, based on the style used, the author may present different points of view to the target audience.

Think of how the author develops the major areas or points within the book

You have to ascertain the areas that have been covered and the ones left out. Then give reasons. If you can locate these gaps within the timeframe or character development in fiction, or the analysis and coverage of nonfiction, it can go a long way in helping you to think critically about how you are going to present your book review.

Take note of the book format,if it is relevant

Typography, binding, book’s layout and so on are some of the elements you have to look out if they are related to your our book review.  They can provide a good frame and context for the book. If there are secondary materials like maps, drawings, harts and so on provided the author, consider their support or their contribution to the entire work.

Consider the literary devices used within the book

Should the book be a work of fiction, think of how the plot structure is developed in the story. Note the characters of the book, plot, setting, symbols tone, or mood and their relation to the overall theme of the book that forms the basis of your custom book review.

Think about the uniqueness of the book

When preparing to write your book review though reading, ascertain of the book is unique enough to contribute new information to a genre.  The author may be trying to expand or poke holes in the existing rules and norms of the genre. You have to consider how the book does this, and how this may influence the intended recipient of the book by the target audience.

Assess the success of the book

You have to ascertain if the author was successful in achieving the overall purpose of the work. Determine if you were satisfied with the ending of the book and if you would recommend it to anyone else. This will form a very good basis for your book review.

Creating the first draft of your book review

Now that you have read the book an understood, everything it is time or you to start the writing process of the book review. Consider the following techniques:

Come up with a heading

Your book review has to have a heading that incorporates all the bibliographic information about the book. If you do not know how to formulate your heading by an editor or a professor, you can use the standard heading of title, author, and place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and the number of pages.

Come up with your introduction

A custom book review must have a good introduction that will pique the interest of the audience can keep them glued to work.  It will also let the audience know what the book review is going to deal with entirely. Make sure that the introduction has details about the author’s background, and if necessary, their previous work within the same genre. Feel free to incorporate the main themes you will be dealing with in our book review, as you situate the audience and give them an inkling of your stance on the book.

You have several options to open the introduction to your custom book review, and they include a historical moment, an intriguing or surprising statement, anecdotes, or a declarative statement. Irrespective of the opening or lead that you have used ensure that it relates to the critical response to the book and ensure that they are short and to the point. If you are not sure of how you can begin your book review, you can opt to write the introduction last. This may be easier to organize your supporting points and your critical position on the works, the formulate your introduction last. This way, you are sure that the introduction will capture and match the body of your custom book review.

Summarize the book

After you have written your heading and the introduction, you can then summarize the main themes of the book. This summary ought to be short, direct, and informative. You can use quotes or paraphrasing from the book as you support your summary. Ensure that you have cited all the quotes and paraphrasing you have used in your book review to avoid plagiarism. Most importantly, do not regurgitate the book and do not give away anything or reveal the ending of the book in your summary. More so, do not go into details about what happens in the middle of the book onwards. If the book is part of a series, let the reader know to help them situate it in within the series.

Evaluate and critique the book 

After writing the summary for your custom book review, and have discussed the major themes and aspects, delve into critical analysis. This is the heart of your book review and you ought to be as direct as they come. The answers that you brainstormed during the preparation stage for your book review come in handy now as you formulate your critique. Always use properly cited supporting quotes and passages from the book to back your critical discussion. The general rule dictates that the first one-half to two-thirds of your book review ought to summarize the main idea of the author and the other one-third should deal with the evaluation of the book.

Wrap up your review 

As you are coming to the end of your custom book review, you need to write a conclusion that sums up the critical analysis that you have provided if you have argued your critical position well, the conclusion ought to fall naturally. Scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of the book and discuss if you would recommend the book to anyone else. If so, what is the right audience for the book? Most importantly, do not introduce anything new in the conclusion of your book review. Anything that you have no examined within the body of your book review ought not to be introduced at the concluding paragraph. Feel free to give the book a numerical score, a thumb up or thumbs down. You can also give it a starred rating.

Once you are done with the writing process, proofread and edit your book review taking care of any mistakes therein, after which you compile your final copy and submit it where necessary.

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