Please help with microeconomics

I’m reviewing my econ class from last week and I’m stuck on a microeconomics question now. I need someone to explain this to me in DETAILS.   I have the answers from my professor already but I don’t understand them.——————Microland is a country in which labor is the only resource and it can be used to collect food (pineapples) or to build cabins. Microland has only six equally productive workers and each worker can gather either 25 pineapples or build one cabin in one day. (a) Draw the production possibilities frontier for Microland. (b) What is the opportunity cost of building two more cabins in one day? (c) If half the workers build cabins and half of the workers collect pineapples, what would be the production on Microland? (d) Assume that in one day, two cabins were built and 75 pineapples were collected. What does this situation depict? (e) What is the maximum potential increase in pineapple production and maximum potential increase in cabin production described in the previous question? (f) What would have to occur for three cabins to be produced along with 100 pineapples?

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