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Nursing Research Proposal 

Before you complete your undergraduate or graduate program in nursing, you may have to write a nursing research proposal to demonstrate your skills and expertise in your specialty. Finding a topic for your proposal may be challenging because nursing is a broad field.

In this article, we will discuss what a nursing research proposal is and its content, give you tips for creating an exciting proposal, and give you a list of research proposal topics for various specializations in nursing.

How to Choose a Nursing Research Topic

Your research proposal is very important for your academic performance. It would be best if you started researching it months before the due date because it can be time-consuming to come up with a topic and research to present a perfectly crafted paper. The topic you choose for your nursing research proposal should have the following qualities.

  • Original
  • Interesting
  • Meaningful
  • Specific
  • Explorative
  • Relevant

Once you have a good topic for your proposal, you can share it with your instructor or mentor for approval. That will help you structure your paper based on a narrowed-down paper, making your nursing research proposal successful. You can contact writing experts online to help you with nursing research proposal ideas on current issues.

Nursing Research Proposal Topics

To write good quality, unique proposals with in-depth information, you first need to have great Nursing research proposal topics. You can find a solution to that from some of the nursing research proposal topics examples below from various specializations for your upcoming assignment.

Adults Nursing Research Topics

  • Impact of sports and healthy lifestyle on adult health
  • How to manage oral hygiene and health
  • Causes of anxiety and stress
  • Prevention of dehydration through maintenance of proper water intake
  • Healthy lifestyle and weight management awareness programs
  • Child Nursing Research:
  • Healthy feeding habits for obese children
  • Ethical and legal issues regarding infant vaccination
  • Causes of psychological problems among infants
  • Discuss the control of antibiotic resistance among children

Women Issue Nursing Research

  • Management of health in women with premature babies and post-natal care
  • Discuss the strategic ways of preventing sexually transmitted diseases among women
  • Maintenance of emotional stability among women suffering a miscarriage
  • Care plan and treatment of chlamydia.

Eldercare Nursing Research

  • Vulnerability and risk mitigation in elderly
  • Symptoms, causes and effects of anorexia nervosa in elderly women
  • Diet and care plans for diabetic patients
  • Pros and cons of posture Maintenace therapy

Self-Care Nursing Research

  • Stress management through proper sleep-in nursing
  • The impact of mental instability on productivity
  • Benefits of self-care among nursing staff
  • Health effects of poorly ventilated Workspaces in healthcare
  • Ways of maintaining good hygiene and health

Primary Healthcare Nursing Research

  • Health benefits of consuming probiotic food and supplements
  • Comparative analysis between the public and private healthcare sector
  • Discuss the importance of homecare
  • Discuss the school health nursing
  • Discuss the abolishment of business finance in the public healthcare sector

Quantitative Nursing Research

  • Discuss the importance of meal planning and diet management
  • Causes and effects of cardiac attacks
  • Debate on efficacy and evaluation of emergency care nurses
  • Patient education on the management of self-care
  • Management and control of life-limiting illness

Mental Health Nursing Research

  • Discuss the causes of anxiety and depression among cancer patients
  • Anxiety and depression among HIV/AIDs patients
  • Brain rehabilitation- the impact of mirror therapy
  • Signs, types, and treatment of Delirium
  • Debate on the effectiveness of motor function rehabilitation in stroke patients
  • Pain Management Nursing Research:
  • Treatment of migraine through neck exercise
  • Exercise and safe movement in osteoporosis
  • Management and control of panic attacks
  • Use of IVs and injections to administer painkillers
  • Management and treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis

Obstetric Nursing Research

  • Discuss the link between HIV and breastfeeding
  • Causes and effects of early pregnancies
  • Maternal care during normal labor and delivery
  • Pain control during normal delivery
  • Management of habit change during the first pregnancy trimester

Diseases Nursing Research

  • Risk of stroke and hypertension in elderly
  • Patient education on safe sex to minimize cases of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diabetes management through food intake
  • Patients with levels of cholesterol- management of stroke
  • Prevention and control of highly infectious diseases

Relationship Management Nursing Research

  • Benefits of Effective communicative skills in a healthcare setting
  • Importance of building positive relationships and trust among nursing staff
  • Cons and pros of high dependence on nurses or doctors
  • Why should there be boundaries between nurses and patient relatives
  • Patient care and management- a link between nurses and human resource

Components of the Research Proposal

The following components of a nursing research proposal will make your paper successful


The title of your nursing research proposal must steal the reader’s attention, capture the main concepts of your study and explain what the paper is all about. Choose a simple but unique title for your paper.


This component gives a summary of the hypothesis, implications, objectives, significance, and procedures used in your project.

Table of contents 

This section lists chapters, key content, headings, page numbers, subheadings, and references.

Literature review 

The literature review gives a highlight of relevant literature about the topic of discussion. It includes the authors that contributed to the success of the paper.


This is a component of the nursing research proposal where you bridge the gap between the goals you set earlier and the outcome. It is also where you showcase your project’s feasibility by discussing your approaches, experiences, strategies, and resources that will be required to conduct the project research.


The discussion component summarizes the research project and explains the implications of the outcome. Here you also compare the actual or expected results with the ones stated. You will note the potential causes of the differences and eventually talk about the broader issues.

Budget and Continuation Funding 

This category includes the budget, items, description, cost formula, expense, categories of the total item expense, and cumulative project expense. A continuation funding budget helps eliminate rigidity and provides better ways to adapt to the changes from the normal yearly budgets.


The nursing research proposal should end with relevant references for the study. For web-based search, include the date of access for the cited website.

When writing a nursing research proposal, ensure you include all these components. Some students forget to include all or merge them. That leads them to score low grades on their papers. If you need a nursing research paper sample for reference, contact us via our customer care number on our website.

How to Write a Problem Statement Nursing

Are you looking for an expert to guide you on how to write a problem statement for a research proposal? Through the problem statement, you get to highlight the main issues you talk about in your research project. The problem statement focuses on your paper’s what, who, why, where, and when.

If you are a beginner, it is important to note that a problem statement comes immediately before the introduction after the abstract part of your paper. After that, the statement of purpose follows.

When learning how to write a problem statement nursing, here are the things you need to consider.

Understand your topic

Before you begin to write your problem statement, you need to understand what your topic is all about. Be aware of the keywords, purpose, and ideas that carry your paper and what you aim to achieve. When writing your personal statement, ensure you write it in the past tense.

Give all the details

Gather all the details you want to include in your personal statement. List all the details but ensure you are as brief as possible. You can begin with an introductory section.

In-depth analysis

Though the personal statement is short, it should be understandable and detailed. Include the core issues, organization, and sector of your paper as you shed more light on your study area.

Summarize your points

As you summarize your point, ensure that the purpose and the problem statement pitch your research subject. That’s one of the things that can make the reader interested or disinterested in your paper. Maintain academic, intriguing, and professional language.

Give a highlight of your topic, the data collection method used, and how you achieved it. Make your problem statement relevant and readable.


As you educate the reader about your research, use clear sentences. In simple words, explain how the research is applicable in daily life and present your arguments.

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