NUR 425 Community Assessment Practicum

Practicum Assignment NUR 425
Approximate time commitment to complete practicum: 10 hours
In this practicum assignment, you will complete a community assessment in an
area close to where you live. NUR 425 Community Assessment Practicum


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NUR 425 Community Assessment Practicum

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Step 1
to be completed week 4:
a. Select a town, city or rural county where you would like to complete the
community assessment
b. Post the location on the course café before Sunday at 11:59 pm MST.
Check the responses of other students on the course café thread. Each
student will have to choose a unique location. If a student has already
selected the area that you wanted, please come up with a new location.
Step 2
To be completed week 4-5:
a. Complete a community assessment on your chosen location using the
community assessment worksheet
b. Utilize internet sources and your own personal observations to gather
information on your location.
c. Gather photos to use in your power point presentation
Step 3
To be completed by week 6:
a. Prepare a power point presentation on your community assessment
following the Community Assessment rubric
b. Upload your power point presentation into the assignment drop box by
Sunday at 11:59 pm MST. NUR 425 Community Assessment Practicum

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