NR 501 Week 1: Reflection On Learning Submission

The most important concepts in this week’s learning include getting the historical overview about nursing theories and the significance of theories in nursing practice and professional development. The learning this week is emphatic that nursing theories are essential and offer a framework for nurse practitioners to implement interventions aimed at improving patient care and quality delivery of health care services. The theories are categorical that nurses have skills and possess scientific knowledge to implement better interventions focused on health promotion and disease management for health populations and patients in diverse care settings (Butts & Rich, 2021). The concepts learned this week will help me to prepare for my future role as a nurse practitioner by improving my self-identity and understanding of the core aspects of nursing and delivery of quality care. Nursing theories and their significance would be important in ensuring that I have guided patient care and implement interventions aimed at improving overall use of evidence-based practice, especially when dealing with chronically-ill patients and underserved patient populations (Karlsson & Pennbrant, 2020). As a nurse practitioner, one can specialize in certain areas and these concepts demonstrate the importance of leveraging nursing practice knowledge and critical thinking skills to implement better care models like the value-based purchasing and patient-centered nursing care. 

I feel prepared for my future role as a nurse practitioner since I possess the right skills, attributes and attitudes as well as knowledge based on the new concepts that will be critical in patient care. I feel prepared as the readings and my experience improve to offer quality care interventions to patients with various conditions (Tappen, 2022). However, I feel unprepared for my new roles since nurse practitioners require an in-depth understanding of key concepts and delivery of care that meet patient needs. As a primary care provider, I believe that I should have sufficient knowledge and experience to bridge any care gaps emanating from increased care demand and physician shortage in various healthcare settings. 


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