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This article includes details and assertions about the ethical choices/decisions made by Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor. Here is the reference citation for the article: Securing our liberty. (2013). Commonweal, 140(12), 5.


After reading the article, draft a two-page response by discussing the U.S. government’s decision to acquire phone and internet data without disclosing its intentions to citizens.


For this assignment, consider the NSA as an organization (i.e., business) and Snowden as a manager. How have the decisions of this event impacted the fairness of the U.S. government, its citizens, and Snowden?


How did ethics, perhaps, influence Snowden’s decision to leak information?

In this event, what is the greater good and also the consequences/sacrifices of that greater good?

Based on the details of this event, what can we learn about making important decisions as a leader and manager?


This event was covered by several news and media organizations, so there should be plenty of articles in the library. Conduct a bit more research in the online library related to this event involving Edward Snowden and the U.S. government—see what else you can discover about the event to determine an appropriate punishment, if any, for Snowden’s conduct. Include at least one additional source from the library in your response.


 Do you think you can help?  The Prof. does use Turnitin so no plagarism.


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