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Posted: January 5th, 2023

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Natural Disasters and Religious Perceptions

A community nurse should console and help affected individuals and communities during a natural disaster. People have different views about tragedies depending on their religious perceptions. A community health nurse can assist affected people overcome the pressure following a natural disaster by praying with them [BG1] and restoring hope for them to overcome the situation.

People often share common [BG2] perceptions about natural disasters and ways of coping with stress and loss. Some believe that a natural calamity is an accident, whereas [BG3] others[BG4]  [BG5]  believe that such catastrophes result from punishment from the Almighty because of their spiritual conviction (Holmagaard 15). Some religious believers think God is angry [BG6] about particular behaviors or people’s actions and brings a calamity to punish them. Others even believe that the Almighty sends a disaster to test their faith (Holmagaard 15). [BG7] In contrast, some believers may feel that evil forces [BG8] cause the catastrophe and seek to disrupt peace, stability, and prosperity. Nevertheless, culture plays an essential role in influencing the perception of natural calamities among individuals, communities, and health care providers (Hirono and Blake). The view that some forces, either good or bad, could result in the tragedy depends on whether a particular culture emphasizes religious beliefs or not.

A community health nurse can help in the spiritual care of a person, community, and others notwithstanding different religious views concerning natural calamities. Harrad[BG9]  et al. [BG10] inform that nurses can offer spiritual assistance by attending to several essential spiritual factors, encompassing supporting the individual’s spiritual needs and beliefs (47). A community health nurse can join affected individuals and communities in prayer [BG11] [BG12] to help patients deal with stress, settle on proper medical decisions, and enhance their quality of life (Harrad et al. 48). However, nurses will achieve the best results when they take cues from affected individuals, display [BG13] a positive attitude, and share encouraging words.


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