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MSc Management Research Dissertation

Research Dissertation Guidelines 2022-23 MSc Management


The Research Dissertation is often viewed as the highlight of a Masters programme since it provides the student with a chance to undertake self-directed research on a subject of their choice in considerable depth. However, it is also a demanding aspect of the programme and will require intensive and independent study on the part of the Masters student. The Research Dissertation will count for ONE THIRD (60 credits) of the total credits (180) for your degree, and will be between 10,000 and 12,000 words in length. Please take time to read and understand the contents of this guide as it contains important advice.


 By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Design, plan and execute an independent research project.
  • Critically assess and make comparisons between theoretical frameworks and substantive knowledge acquired in the programme.
  • Undertake a systematic analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative information and present the results in a clear and consistent manner.
  • Analyse and evaluate primary and/or secondary data and assess its implications for theory and practice.

Assessment is undertaken by your supervisor, a second examiner, and may also be reviewed and moderated by the External Examiner. An examination by viva may also be required. To be considered for the degree award, you must obtain at least 50% in the overall Research Dissertation module.

Students failing to achieve this will have one opportunity to improve and resubmit their dissertation, with the mark capped at 50%. Students failing to meet the required standard in their resubmission will be considered for the award of a Postgraduate Diploma.

Students aiming for a Merit degree classification must achieve a minimum of 55% in their dissertation. Students aiming for a Distinction degree classification must achieve a minimum of 65% in their dissertation.Order Now from Course Researchers3. WHAT IS A DISSERTATION?

A dissertation is a piece of work that demonstrates your scholarship in the field of Management. Scholars have identified various qualities that should be exhibited including (Cassell, 2000; Jankowicz, 1991; Raimond (1993) cited in Riley et. al., 2000):

  • Careful and accurate use of evidence
  • Thoroughness in the coverage of subject matter
  • Shows understanding and critical and analytical thinking
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Evidence of originality
  • A sound methodology and good quality evidence/data
  • Balance in reporting data and evidence
  • Care in the identification and attribution of sources

These are key issues that should remain uppermost in your mind as you work on your dissertation. This is a piece of scholarly, academic work.  The dissertation process is valuable for a number of reasons:

1. The dissertation is an opportunity to integrate the knowledge that you have acquired through studying various modules throughout the programme and for the student to explore in detail an area of interest.

2. The dissertation process will help develop key personal skills that will be of value to employers such as information gathering, project management, time management, data analysis and report writing

3. The dissertation may be of direct value in securing future employment. High quality dissertation research in a commercially relevant or contemporary field can provide a head start in interviews for positions in certain sectors. So when developing your ideas for a possible dissertation topic, it is always worth considering how it might improve your chances of securing a position with a particular organisation

4. In addition, the dissertation process may prompt you to consider pursuing a higher degree by research. There will be opportunities at Birmingham and at other universities to pursue MPhil or PhD degrees, and you will find your training and research experiences on the MSc very useful preparation.


When considering a topic for your dissertation you MUST take into account the MSc Pathway that you are undertaking, therefore:

  • Students on the MSc Management: Strategy pathway must complete a dissertation that addresses a strategy issue.
  • Students on the MSc Management: Operations pathway must complete a dissertation that addresses an operations issue.
  • Students on the MSc Management: Organisational Leadership and Change pathway must complete a dissertation that addresses a leadership or change issue.
  • Students on the Generalist MSc Management pathway may choose a topic that focuses on Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Operations, Leadership, Change, or a general Management issue covered in the Programme

When choosing a topic you should consider how it would help develop your knowledge, understanding and skills. You should consider how it might enhance your employment prospects or your preparation for a higher degree such as a PhD. You should also, of course, choose a topic that you will enjoy – because, after all, you are going to be working on it for a long time. Order Now from Course ResearchersIdeas for research topics can come from a variety of sources. Some students in the past have pursued topics linked to a member of staff’s specialist research interest. Others have pursued a topic that has been prompted by a current management issue they have spotted in the press. Others have chosen to explore a topic in a specialist area that links directly to a company for whom they wish to work.

In coming to the final dissertation topic decision you should bear in mind some important factors;

1. Is the information you need to complete your dissertation available?

2. Can you get hold of the information and on time?

3. Some research methods can be costly (postage, travel expenses for interviews etc.). Can you afford to carry them out?

4. Is the research topic you have chosen realistic and manageable within the time frame of the MSc programme?

Students must complete the online dissertation topic form. This form includes the dissertation title, brief outline of the research aim and scope, and the research method to be employed. The form is available on Canvas (please only use your student email address when completing the form).

Research Dissertation Guidelines 2022-23 MSc Management

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