Module 8: Discussion – Discussion Group 1

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  • Are you comfortable with unelected government officials — or any official for that matter — holding such a right? 
  • Conversely, does the fact that existing commissioners have fixed terms, and the existence Section 326 of the Communications Act, which prohibits viewpoint discrimination for licensees, ease potential concerns? 
  • Is there a better alternative to the FCC?  
  • Think outside the box. It’s a lot to chew on. Read your material thoroughly. Use your words efficiently. Feel free to buttress your work with Google searches, news articles, etc. 


Write a 200- to 300-word response to the prompt.

Reply with 100- to 200-word responses to at least two posts from other students.

Both the discussion posts and peer comments must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Arizona time on the indicated due date.

How to attach images in your post: Locate the “upload image” icon in the text editor and click it. In the pop-up menu, drag your image from your computer or click to find the image on your computer. Once it’s uploaded within the pop-up menu, select “Submit” and resume your post.

To see the grading rubric: At the top right of this assignment, click on the dropdown, then “Show Rubric.”