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You have been assigned a particular week for presenting international current events. The file with your name and the assigned date is posted here Edit(may open as an Excel file). For this assignment, you should prepare a video presentation that should be four to five minutes long (click here (Screencast-O-matic) (????????) or here (Kaltura) (????????) to see how to prepare and upload your video presentation, or you can record it on your phone and upload the file to the discussion board on current events created for the week that you are presenting). Once you upload your video to the discussion board, check it to make sure that it works. When you decide on your articles, make sure to check on the publication date. The current event news cannot be more than 1 week old.

For this assignment, you need to find a current event news that is covered in two different sources (here is an example: on January 17th, 2021, Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader, was arrested at the airport upon his return back to Russia from Germany. If I had decided to present this event in class, here ( (????????) and here ( (????????) are the two articles on his arrest that I could have used for my presentation). Your presentation should provide the summary of the news event you have chosen, identify the main issue that is being discussed and the location where the event is happening/has happened, and provide some analysis. When you are presenting your analysis, please identify the reasons why you decided to present on that specific current event, and what is the significance of that event. Do the articles you have chosen provide the same information? Is there any difference in the perspectives presented in these two news sites on the event that you are covering in your presentation? Does this event affect our lives here? If not, does it affect the lives of people anywhere else in the world? What is your position on this issue? How does it relate to our class discussions?

In addition to your video presentation, please prepare a PowerPoint presentation, in Microsoft Office. If you decide to use Google Slides, after you complete your PPT presentation, please download it and save it as Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of our international students who are still abroad may not have access to Google Slides. I want to make sure that everyone has access to the material posted on this Canvas site. Your grade will be lowered by 2 points if you use the wrong format. You should avoid putting too many sentences on your slides and instead focus on keywords/concepts/data. The first slide of your presentation should include the title of the article and your sources (please provide the articles’ url), the date of publication, your name, and the section of the ITS 201. The last slide should include two discussion questions for students. In total, your PPT should have anywhere between 4 to 6 slides. If you fail to follow these guidelines, your grade will be lowered by 3 points. Please upload your video presentation and PPT to the discussion board by 8 pm on Monday of your assigned week. Late submissions will be graded at 70%.

Students should make an effort to cover the news that have not been presented in class. If you decide to cover the events in the news that were already presented by your classmates, you want to make sure to add something substantially new to that conversation (your grade will be lowered by 5 points if you are merely restating what has already been discussed in class). The only exception to this case is when both of the students are presenting the same week. The following are the news sources that you should use (????????). The source should be clearly identified at the beginning of your presentation. You are not allowed to use any of the editorials or the opinion articles called “op-ed” pieces for this assignment. Failure to use the appropriate sources will lower your grade by 3 points. After you upload your presentation and the PPT to the discussion board, your task during your presentation week is to check daily that discussion board and engage in a discussion with your classmates who are commenting on your presentation, answering the discussion questions posed in your presentation, or asking you clarifying questions.

If you have any questions about this assignment, do not hesitate to email me. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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