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Master’s Research Project Report


3 Assessment Details

3.1 Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) Assessed by Coursework Knowledge & Understanding:

  • MLO1: Propose a clear and logical research design, data collection and analysis strategy which is appropriate to the research context, variables and attributes of your intended data; and
  • MLO2: Evaluate different methodological approaches and data collection and analysis techniques.

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:

  • MLO3: Define, refine and operationalise a researchable topic that is succinctly focused and critically justified regarding its theoretical framework and research methodology and accurately reflects the philosophy of your programme of study;
  • MLO4: Conduct a targeted literature search of library and web-based materials (including institutional data and advanced scholarly articles) and critically appraise and analyse your findings;
  • MLO5: Integrate and modify ideas, concepts and theoretical models that you have selectively extracted from academic literature;
  • MLO6: Critically evaluate and test the applicability of theoretical models to your researchable topic;
  • MLO7: Design a detailed programme of research, data collection and analysis that integrates research goals, data requirements and standardised methods of collection and analysis, and takes into consideration theoretical and methodological constraints and limitations;
  • MLO8: Identify carefully considered gaps in your completed research and propose appropriate and relevant possibilities for further research; and
  • MLO9: Write an original dissertation, which does not exceed the stipulated word limit, in an academically acceptable format, which is theoretically and methodologically linked, paying particular attention to the integration of the literature review, the focused choice of methodology explained in comparative terms, the critical evaluation of your data, and the clear and concise presentation of new results.

Personal Value Attributes

  • MLO10: Design and execute a detailed programme of research, data collection, and analysis that takes into consideration the professional, research ethics, and governance characteristics of a postgraduate student.

Order Now from Course Researchers3.2 Coursework Overview

The coursework will assess your ability to demonstrate MLOs 1, to 10. Write a research dissertation that demonstrates proficiency in each of the module learning outcomes. This dissertation can include the sections appropriate for a research project dissertation i.e. introduction, literature survey, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.

3.3 Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students

Write a technical document (Project Report) addressing the following elements:

  • Provide an evaluation and synthesis of the problem field and a definition of the problem statement. Base this on the literature from a range of sources with identifiable relevance.
  • Develop a structured project approach indicating the aim & objectives, methodology and designed work packages. Clearly show the links with the literature review. Define a work/experimental plan leading to outputs that are aligned with milestones and contingencies.
  • Present results in a well structured and coherent manner that is linked to and covering the designed project work programme.
  • Provide conclusions and recommendations for future work that is justified by results discussion. Indicate the link between the project objectives and the findings/output.
  • Make use of a range of technical language, correct grammar and spelling. Display good academic practise by referencing using a recognised format. Present tables and figures presented with clarity, originality and precision and full referencing of any non-original figures.

3.4 Expected Size of Submission

The word limit of this submission is 10,000 words. This does not include the front matter, bibliography and appendices. The 10,000 words spans the dissertation introduction to the end of your conclusions/further work sections.

3.5 Referencing Style

You are to write your coursework using the Cite Them Right version of either Harvard referencing system or the IEEE referencing system.

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