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Marketing Case Study

Watch – Watch the video, take notes of key concepts presented in the video.

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Marketing Case Study

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Summarize – Describe the main idea (thesis) of the video clip. Write the main idea in one to two complete paragraphs (100-200 words).

Question – After watching the video, what questions do you have that remain unanswered. Use Higher Order Thinking question starters to help you phrase the questions that reflect critical thinking skills.

Partial List of Question Starters:

  • What was the main point Steve Jobs was making?
  • How was the Apple commercial at the end similar to Nike ads?
  • How did Steve Jobs connect with his audience?
  • What does the speech say about Apple?
  • What does the commercial say about Apple?
  • From a marketing standpoint, what do the characteristics of the people in the ad say about the attributes/characteristics of the Apple brand?
  • Did you find the speech and commercial believable?
  • What did you learn about marketing from listening to Steve Jobs?




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Marketing Case Study

Steve Jobs intended to make the point that there is need for ad campaigns to focus more on the consumers and less on the product. He gave the example where a company insisted on telling the audience that the product they were selling but the ad did not contribute to making the product more popular. Nike, on the other hand, focused on telling the audience more about the athletes who used the Nike products and the results were remarkable. The commercial at the end of the clip is similar to Nike ads in that they both do not focus on the product they are advertising………..


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