Let’s get the discussion boards started by writing a couple of paragraphs detailing what you may or may not see as the benefits and drawbacks concerning the size of social media giants such as Facebook, the parent of Instagram, and Twitter.

Be sure to explain how Section 230 helped propel these companies’ growth. Also detail whether or not you believe the government should use antitrust* and/or repeal Section 230 to curb such private companies’ size, civil immunity, ability to choose its users, etc. If yes, what’s the argument? If not, what’s the argument? If unsure, what are you wrestling with?

Later in this course — after we have explored Section 230 immunity and a recently filed lawsuit by former President Donald Trump against Facebook and Twitter, among other relevant material —  we will look back at these answers and see how your views and arguments have or have not shifted. Note, you already have a sufficient foundation to present a graduate level discussion. 

*Antitrust is explored in some level of depth here, because it intersects with Section 230. The latter helped the tech giants boom, and the former may now be used to limit such growth. If antitrust is not used, the repeal of Section 230 is thought to potentially have the same effect, because lawsuits would limit these companies’ ability to host an open(ish) platform.


Write a 200- to 300-word response to the prompt above.

Reply with 100- to 200-word responses to two posts from other students. If necessary, the following details how to embed an image. Note, there are no extra points for doing this. It is unnecessary, but an option.

Both the discussion posts and peer comments must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Arizona time on the indicated due date.

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