It is time to begin formally planning and studying for your certification exam. You will use your review text, The Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Manual, in both this course and in NRNP 6675 as a tool to aid in your preparation. Chapter 16 of this text contains practice exam questions that will help you prepare to take the national certification. For this Assignment, you will take 100 of these questions as a pretest.

You do not need to study or prepare for this test. It is being used as a diagnostic pre-assessment to gauge your current knowledge. Set aside time to complete 100 of these questions. 

Complete the practice questions. Afterward, score your results using the answer key in the text. Save your score for next week, when you will create a certification exam study plan based on your results. There is no submission requirement this week related to your pretest. 

Note: Your grade for the Week 3 Assignment will not be derived from your test results but from your self-reflection on the results in your Week 3 Study Plan Assignment.