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Posted: January 6th, 2023


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Many scholars have researched human trafficking and come up with valuable findings that help understand the phenomenon much better. A report published by The Times of India on 19 August 2021 revealed that human trafficking is still a significant concern among many societies that require a quick address to mitigate the situation from deteriorating any further. My opinion on the report is that developing stricter policies and regulations would help to avert additional cases of human trafficking.

Overview of the Article

The article describes how human trafficking has turned into a revenue generator for human smugglers in Pakistan, particularly in the areas bordering Afghanistan. The report describes how thousands of Afghans try to leave their country using secretive means due to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban group. Many Afghans seek asylum in other nations, encompassing European nations and the U.S., hoping to find peace and a better life (The Times of India, 2021). However, human traffickers from Pakistan are taking advantage of the situation. They get large sums of money by promising Afghans a better life in other nations if they agree to collaborate with them through the journey. Nevertheless, most cases end in tears when Afghan citizens learn that the Pakistanis are taking advantage of their vulnerability.


My view of the article is that it helps to show how human trafficking is still a significant concern that requires proper attention to prevent more harm to innocent people. The author challenges political leaders and other administrators to be stricter on human traffickers by creating more explicit and stringent policies barring the practice. The article by The Times of India (2021) blames the Pakistani and Afghan governments for lacking stipulated guidelines on human smuggling and attributes this to the prevalent cases of trafficking around the border areas. Taking measures to enhance regulations will help to reduce and possible halt human trafficking in the affected region.


Times of India. (2021 August, 19). Business of Pakistani human smugglers boom as thousands of Afghans attempt to leave after Taliban takeover. The Times of India.

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