How to Write a Thesis Statement That Effectively Conveys Your Ideas

College studies can sometimes be difficult, and students are given a lot of assignments that they find difficult to handle. For example, most students wonder how to write a thesis statement. To understand how to write correctly, first, you need to figure out the thesis statement in an essay and what types there are.

What Is Thesis Statement in Essay

The thesis statement is a short text that usually takes up to four pages and is written scientifically. The thesis should contain the results of a specific study. There are characteristic features of the thesis statement:

  • In addition to the standard structure of scientific work (introduction, purpose, analysis, and conclusion), the thesis may contain other work elements that help reveal the topic.
  • All information and thoughts expressed in the work must be reasoned and logical.
  • High-Quality. The reader should understand the work’s whole essence and the study’s results. The text should not contain water and repetitive sentences that do not fit the meaning of the work.

A review of one scientific work can take a very long time. Reading 2-4 pages of a summary and study results is much more convenient and will not take more than 10 minutes. In addition, writing a thesis statement in an essay helps your readers better understand the topic and yourself.

How to Write an Essay Thesis Statement

Many students do not understand what a thesis statement is in an essay. It is this question that we will examine. It is important to understand that there are two algorithms for writing a thesis for scientific work.

The first option is when you have completely completed your investigation and written a report on it. Then, after the report on the results is ready, you need to extract the main information from the text, compress its volume to the most important and formulate the thesis.

The second option is suitable for those who have not yet completed the study. In this case, your assumptions and ideas about the results must be added to the thesis. To avoid mistakes when writing an essay thesis statement, pay attention to the recommendations:

  • Try not to use tautologies in the text. Even if this is the title of your essay, try not to use it several times in the text.
  • Write only important information, without much thought and description. Only clear and specific thoughts.
  • If you are researching something, describe in detail how you did it. Do not limit yourself to just a list. The reader will be interested to know all the details.
  • After you have discussed the research method, be sure to share the results and personal conclusions.
  • Write unique text, and do not plagiarize. At best, the text should be honest and individual to understand that these are your thoughts and conclusions, not experts from the Internet.
  • Try to write new information without banal things. Do not use the general information that everyone can read on the Internet.
  • Please consult with your supervisor and get comments from him. This is the best method to understand and correct essay errors. The more mistakes, the more likely it is that you will become a real expert in writing abstracts by correcting them.
  • Use the information only from trusted sources. In no case, refer to dubious sites. It is also important to keep up to date, do not use information that is already outdated in your essay.
  • Follow all the rules and requirements for the design of the essay. It is important to adhere to all requirements for the work to be successful.
  • Do not overload the thesis with information and strictly adhere to the established volume. Remember that a good thesis statement is written so you can briefly get acquainted with the meaning of the essay.
  • All paragraphs should begin with headings that describe what will be presented and avoid repetition.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis is a fairly simple process. You need to compress your essay to the point. However, to write a good thesis statement, it is important to remember that it should be a short, structured text that must contain:

  • It should be short and clearly describe what the essay will be about.
  • Keywords must be in the thesis so you can quickly and easily understand its essence.
  • In this part, you need to describe your goal and tell the reader what the text will be about.
  • Research results. Here it is important to talk in detail about the research process and the result based on personal findings.
  • In the thesis, it is important to draw the right conclusions and state your thoughts. For example, what the study showed and whether the result met your expectations.
  • Sources and literature. This is an important point in the research work so that the reader can understand how reliable information is provided to him.

Given that the thesis is short, some items may be excluded. The main thing is that the thesis contains a title, description, result, and conclusions. It is also important to remember that you should not make subheadings that will contain empty lines and take up space. The best option would be to highlight the line’s name and continue to write text in it without changing the font.


Now that you have learned how to write a thesis statement in essay correctly, you can easily write a thesis for your essay and make it clear and structured. However, suppose you encounter difficulties in the process or have a question about how to make a thesis statement. In that case, you always have the opportunity to get help from a professional in writing an essay!

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