How to Cite a Piece of Text in MLA Format

MLA in text citations

Citing sources in essays, articles, research papers, and other writing projects is a common and essential practice. However, some students are not familiar with all the citation requirements for different formatting styles. Due to the fact that copy-pasted statements are forbidden in all essay types and writing works, in-text citations are crucial while handling writing assignments.

MLA in-text citations are a way to avoid plagiarism in your essay. Nevertheless, there is a vast bulk of intricacies in the format instructions.
We prepared this detailed MLA in-text citations guide to help you get familiar with this style and simplify the process of formatting citations in your papers.

What Are MLA In Text Citations ?

MLA format is a popular style of arranging in-text citations and references in academic papers of every kind. There are two relevant editions of the Manual, both of them include the rules of how to do in text citations MLA for websites professionally.

The ninth edition is the latest and contains the largest number of updates on MLA in text citations.

There is also the eighth edition, which is still relevant but less popular among learners and scientists. The modern edition is more common for students with a major in humanities sciences like Literature, Arts, and other related disciplines. MLA format is looming much larger in its popularity and remains one of the more commonly used formats for academic writing.

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How to Do MLA In Text Citations

It seems that MLA format has simpler requirements compared to similar formats such as APA and Chicago. This style has a comprehensible author-page format that implies citing a source in the text and adding a corresponding citation to the list on the reference page.

There are solely two points that MLA format for in text citations requires:

  • Firstly, in-text citation contains the author’s last name, comma, space.
  • In addition, in-text citation includes the page number.

Such a structure provides parenthetical citations that should be situated at the end of the sentence where you cite a source.

How to Write In Text Citations MLA

As mentioned above, you can write in text citations MLA format at the end of the sentence in parentheses. In addition, MLA guidelines also allow shortened citations. It implies you can mention the author’s surname in the sentence if the context requires it, and then indicate the page number in parentheses.

MLA Format In Text Citations

The author-page format is used for most in text MLA citations. It exclusively indicates the author’s surname and page number to which you refer. A comma between two items is required. Of course, if you do in text citations, go at the end of the sentence and use parentheses.
You cannot use any quote or data without properly citing the source. If you fail to format MLA citations in text correspondingly, this information can be considered plagiarism.

Examples of In Text Citations MLA

In-text citation logic is the same for all source types. However, each source has its peculiarities. It is almost impossible to provide a single template on how to do in text MLA citations. Usually, in-text citation consists of the author’s last name or organization’s name and page number if such information exists.

Let’s refer to the MLA Citation Guide for the examples of in text citations:

MLA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation or paraphrase is taken, for example: (Smith 163). If the source does not use page numbers, do not include a number in the parenthetical citation: (Smith).

How to Use In Text Citations MLA?

MLA style requires quotation marks for all the quotes in the text. No source titles are required for in-text citations.
The only obligatory criteria are the author’s surname and page number. This information should correspond to the information provided on the separate page with works cited. Now you know how to make in text citations MLA perfect every time.

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How to Format MLA In Text Citations for Websites

While completing writing tasks, students often use the online databases and sources of information to find relevant material. Websites are the most common sources that writers cite and refer to in their academic papers. So, how to format MLA in text citations for websites properly?

  • The place of publication is no longer required in the MLA format.
  • Italics and capitalization apply to each in text citations MLA example.
  • Quotation marks are necessary for indicating a source title in the citation.
  • The date of access to the website takes place at the end of the citation example.
  • If there is no author, the website name can be acceptable. Italicized and capitalized text style is required in this case.
  • URL does not apply to in text web citations MLA but is required for citations and references.
  • The date of publication comes before a URL address and includes the day, month, and year of publication.

MLA rules for website citation vary from the source type. The most common formatting of in-text citations in MLA format includes either author’s last name or source title. Parentheses are required for in-text citations. If you still question your skills and ask “how to do in text citations for websites MLA?”, expert MLA paper formatting help may become your magic wand!

How to Make In Text Citations MLA Perfectly?

While being quite a comprehensible formatting style, MLA still appears to be complicated to some writers. This ultimate MLA in-text citation guide prepared by our competent writers can come in handy. If you stick to our instructions, citation formatting will take less time and performed perfectly for each and every paper. If you still have troubles with doing in-text citations in MLA format, don’t hesitate and contact our writers. We do editing, proofreading and writing along with academic help with your papers of any format.

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