Houston Community College Ku Klux Klan Questions

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1) THE KU KLUX KLAN Directions: Your responses should exhibit careful thought andlogical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. Each responseshould be at least one well-developed paragraph (approximately 6-7sentences or more) Use correctspelling, punctuation, and grammar.

DO NOT WRITE THE QUESTIONS but number each response.

1. How did the KKK contribute to the polarization and sectional alignment of political parties in the late nineteenth century?

2. How did the KKK change or maintain the cultural landscape of the antebellum South?

3. How did Congress expand federal control over hate crime? How successful were their measures?


Directions: Answer the following question.


Your ANSWERS should exhibitcareful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for yourposition. The ANSWER should be at least 5-7 long sentences.Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Directions: Read the following article ATTACHED BELOW and answer the following question.

1. Explain the causes of The Birth Control Movement and its importance during this time.

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