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Before completing and submitting this assignment, have you:

Accessed the learning resources in Step 1?

What you have to do

In this assignment, you are required to answer three (3) questions.

How you will be assessed

This unit is competency based. In order to be deemed competent in this unit you must satisfy all elements specific to the unit and the essential knowledge and critical aspects of assessment in a range of situations. The assessment has been developed to cover these criteria and your TAFE Digital teacher will review all your work and assess your overall result to deem you competent.

Please reference your work. Referencing guides are available in the Guidelines and information area on the OLS.


  1. Within your current role, you are required to provide meals to clients who require assistance in this area. Another worker, Jonah, does not bring lunch to work and has told you he does not see the point in buying lunch when half the clients don’t eat their meals anyway. You notice him taking some food from the prepacked meals, and eating some leftovers when collecting some of the trays. One particular client has noticed this and has asked you what she can do to stop it happening.

How can you assist the client in lodging a complaint?

  1. As a worker in child related employment in your State/Territory, what steps do you need to take when making a report of child abuse to your State/Territory child protection service?

As part of your answer, you must provide the policy and/or procedure from your work placement on how to report child abuse to your State/Territory child protection service. This policy can be altered so that it does not identify your work placement service.

Information regarding individual State/Territory child protection guidelines can be found in the table below:

  1. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow:

Case Assignment

You are a worker at a local neighbourhood community centre that provides services to a range of clients, including referrals and material support to people in need.

When you arrive at work one morning, you find a slightly built young person sitting on the doorstep. She says that she has been there all night, as she had nowhere else to go.

Sam is 14 years old and has been thrown out of home after an argument with her mother’s boyfriend. Sam says that he is often physically violent. When he hits Sam, her mother does not intervene. Sam thinks that she is afraid of him as well.

  1. Identify the range of issues impacting on the client
  2. What would be your Assignment of action?

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