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Top 15 Funny Excuses to Skip Homework [Comic Reasons to Make You Laugh]

Students are renowned for their ability to come up with funny excuses for not completing homework, often in a matter of seconds. These can range from credible reasons to completely absurd explanations. Some teachers may be convinced by these excuses, but others might not be amused. This is one of the reasons why students seek academic assistance, including help with chemistry homework. Here are some of the most outrageous excuses a student can make for not finishing their homework.

Funny Excuses for Skipping Homework

Let’s take a look at the most amusing excuses a student can give when they fail to complete their assignments:

Cliche Excuses for Homework

My Grandmother Died “Again”

This excuse is one of the oldest and most commonly used by students. However, the professor may remember that the same excuse has been used before, leading some students to seem as though they have multiple deceased grandmothers.

The Internet Broke

While this excuse is sometimes believed, it can also be overused and cause trouble if a real internet issue occurs.

Mom Forget It

Students sometimes blame their mother for not handing in their homework, but this excuse can backfire if the professor holds the student responsible for not taking charge of their own work.

My Sibling Ripped It

Blaming a sibling for tearing up one’s work after a fight can be a convincing excuse.

No Motivation to Do It

Not feeling motivated to do the homework is a common excuse, but it doesn’t excuse the student from completing the task.

My Dog Ate It

Using a dog as an excuse for missing homework, even if the student doesn’t own one, is a cliched excuse.

Next, let’s examine some amusing excuses made by students.

Hilarious Homework Excuses

Here are some of the amusing excuses made by students when they don’t do their homework:

Police Confiscated It as Evidence

Students sometimes take their excuses to an extreme level by saying that the police took their homework as evidence. It makes the teacher wonder if the assignment was that bad.

Abduction by Aliens

Some students claim that while they were working on their homework, an alien appeared out of nowhere, took a look at it, and then took it as proof of human writing.

Sent by Mail

A few pupils have creative excuses for not doing homework, such as saying that they sent it by mail. They ask the teacher to wait for the package to arrive.

Ran Out of Toilet Paper

This is another ridiculous excuse for not completing homework. The student claims that they had to use their assignment as toilet paper because they ran out of it.

Forgot About the Assignment

Some students claim that they didn’t even remember they had homework, so they couldn’t do it. Blown Away by the Wind Another excuse for not doing homework is that it got blown away by the wind and they couldn’t catch it.

Do It Tomorrow

Although not a real excuse, some students say that they will do it tomorrow when they are older and wiser.

Lessen the Teacher’s Burden

One student claimed that they didn’t want to add to the teacher’s workload by doing their homework.

In My Head

Another hilarious excuse is that the student has done the homework in their mind but can’t show it.

Never Told to Hand It

In The funniest excuse is when the student says that the teacher never told them to hand in the assignment.

Astrologer’s Advice

Some students make the excuse that their astrologer advised against doing the homework.

Not Sharing Ideas

One creative excuse is that they don’t want to share their ideas with anyone.

Alexa Not Responding

Another excuse is that they couldn’t do the homework because Alexa didn’t respond.

Reasons for Missing Homework with Strict Professors

When dealing with strict professors, students cannot use comical excuses.

Here are some reasons that can be taken seriously:


If you are unable to complete your homework, you can provide a doctor’s note as a valid excuse. This can be accepted by a strict professor as a valid reason for not finishing the task.

Parent’s Hospitalization

If your parents are hospitalized, this can be a serious reason for missing your homework, and your strict professor may understand.


If you were absent on the day the homework was assigned, this can be a legitimate reason for not completing it. Your professor may give you an extension to submit it later.

Left at Home

Another genuine reason for not having your homework is forgetting it at home. You can tell the professor that you thought it was in your bag, but upon checking, you realized it was left at home.

These were some of the reasons that can be used for missing homework with strict professors, rather than making funny excuses. Some students got help with their homework, but how? Read further to understand.

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Final Thoughts

Students may resort to making excuses for not completing their homework, as they may not have the skills or knowledge required to complete it. This could lead to them facing scoldings from teachers or calls from parents. To avoid this, it’s important to understand the benefits of homework and find ways to effectively manage time and prevent procrastination. With this, hopefully students can avoid any consequences, such as detention.

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