From Romeo and JulietI choose Romeo as the character that gone through Example Nursing Essay

From Romeo and Juliet,I choose Romeo as the character that gone through a lot of changes in the play. We can see that Romeo’s character changes quite significantly throughout the course of the play. The development of Romeo is so drastic because we can see Romeo matures from adolescence to a grown man for the sake of his love,Juliet. In short,I can say that throughout the whole play,Romeo changes from a lovesick-immaruted boy to a very determined man over a period of only five days.In Act 1, Romeo is potrayed as a young,immatued and melodramatic lover who used to obsessed over a woman that will never love him back.He is not more than a blind lover who doesn’t believe that there could be another lady more fair than his Rosaline.Hence,the truth is he never knows what love actually means. At the beginning of the play, Benvolio,Romeo’s cousin and Mercutio are discussing over Romeo’s condition and what he has been up to lately. They believes that Romeo is forcing himself to carry on in a lovesick manner because what Romeo did is he moans that ‘sad hours seem long…’ This implies he doesn’t do much all day except crying. Romeo tells Benvolio that he is “Out of her favour

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