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Reflection Post

Mental health has always been one of my keen interests. This brought on the thoughts of applying for a mental health program. However, I realized that it was not that easy as there were many things that I had to consider before actually going for this decision. Despite being interested in mental health, I was double minded whether to do it or not due to kids and other financial responsibilities. Studying is an activity that requires a lot of time for classes, assignments, and studying for tests and exams so that one doesn’t fail—having other responsibilities, especially for children who also demand as much attention as studies. This created a conflict as I didn’t know whether I would be able to balance caring for my kids and the program’s requirements.

The program’s financial requirements were another factor that added to my double-mindedness. Finances are essential for smooth learning and keeping up with education fees, getting learning materials and other personal materials. I was cautious about joining the program as I knew that it would strain me financially, and I would have to look for additional income to be able to cater for personal needs and the programmer’s financial requirements.

The first semester was an eye-opener for me. Not only did it change my way of thinking, but it also changed my reactions and how I feel about some things. I would say that what I learned that semester increased my knowledge of what psychology is and how the human mind works so similar yet so different simultaneously. One important thing is my thoughts on how people behave have changed, and thus I find that some things I used to take so literally and judge people have shifted, and now I try to understand a person before letting my thoughts conclude.

Psychiatric nursing is a very demanding program, requiring a lot of time and attention on course work, personal studies and all course-related work. This has made my social life minimal and reduced my time with family and friends on social affairs. Between studies and caring for the kids, I find that I hardly have any free time, and my only physical interactions are with my family, schoolmates, educators and classmates. I especially miss spending time with friends and enjoying some free time doing fun-related things.

This program has exposed some interesting things I didn’t know about myself. I have come to realize some of my greatest strengths as well as some weaknesses. One strength I have come to know is that I am very empathetic. One of the essential parts of mental health is getting a person to open up and thus being able to help them. Empathy plays a major role in making them feel at ease and understood; thus can open up more easily about what they feel and their thoughts. However, I realized that, at times, I get too attached to a situation that I shouldn’t, and this may blur the line between professionalism and friendship. This is one thing that I would like to strengthen and be able to keep this line clear.

I want to close by saying that this program has been more than I expected. The knowledge I have gained has not only helped me as an individual, but it has played an important role in improving my relationship with everyone close and even people I meet. To my classmates, I thank all of them for being a great support, and I wish all of them success.


Final Reflection of Therapeutic Relations Course. (Psychiatric Nursing).

Please see the attached the summary of the content covered.

I would like each student to write (in the first-person/journal-style) about their experience of becoming a helper. Corey (2011) states that “the process of becoming a helper is intrinsically related to the process of becoming a person” (p.373). This process requires you to come to understand yourself more deeply, so you can show up and be there for those you support. It requires you to practice what you preach – we have to take the risks to promote growth that we all too often tell our clients about.

For your final reflection post – this is to be a deeply personal contribution – no headers, no citation of resources, no references list, no regurgitation. I want you to find a space that is free of distractions, that is quiet, where you can sit and focus. Think about the questions I have posed below, let your mind wander around the topic then… walk us through your journey to how you came to be here, in this moment:

Reflect back on the place in your life you were in when you decided to apply to the program. Were their people, circumstances, or experiences that influenced this decision?

I was interested in mental health but was double minded whether to do it or not due to kids and other financial responsibilities.( please elaborate)

Think back to Semester 1 – how have you changed personally (in your thoughts, emotions, philosophy)?

What pieces of your life (people, hobbies, experiences) did you shelf to focus on your studies that you are excited to soon reintegrate into your life?

At this point in your nursing education – what have you come to learn are your strengths? where would you like to strengthen?

What are your closing remarks – to yourself? to your classmates?

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