Evaluating the charge that the U.S. presidency has become too powerful

powers exhibited by the U.S president

There have always been concerns about the powers exhibited by the U.S president. However, the concerns seem to drastically improve starting from former President Barrack Obamas time in office to the new times of President Trump. As a matter of fact, since Donald Trump’s inauguration, questions on the president’s powers have morphed into more serious concerns. This has seen both houses of Congress start making new legislation aimed at curbing the powers of the office of the president.

Evaluate the charge that the U.S. presidency has become too powerful


bizarre public conduct

American and generally the world is concerned with the increasing bizarre public conduct by the U.S President, and many questions have been raised about his increasing bizarre public conduct, his temperaments and decision making. The world has been watching as Trump disregards his own policy experts in favor of advisors who have no diplomatic experience.

The handshake

However, things could be taking a new turn if the recent handshake between the U.S President and Kim is anything to go by. The North Korean General has always viewed the U.S Presidency in a negative way and the world was surprised by his acceptance to meet Trump and their now-famous handshake. Could this suggest that the changes that both houses of Congress are making in regards to the powers of the office of the President are finally yielding results? We can only wait and see. These are interesting times and only time will tell. You can read more here



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