English Topics for Essay – Excellent Topics List in 2023

When you get an assignment to write an essay, the first thing to decide is a topic. Today, students of any discipline and academic level may get a task to write an essay of a specific type. The most popular are argumentative, descriptive, and narrative essay types, and in this article, we will explore what topics you can choose.

Choosing an essay theme is not easy, as it should reflect your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and writing skills. Here we prepared for you a list of tips on how to select the right theme for your essay on any subject. You can use our essay topics list to make up your own and generate an excellent essay. Read on and find the best English essay topic.

We understand your pain when it comes to selecting an English essay theme. That’s why our experts created a list of tips that will help any student succeed. It’s obvious that you should consider the discipline you study, like Social Sciences, Geography, or Maths. And here are effective rules for choosing an engaging theme.

Consider the Essay Type

A writer should consider the essay type to choose appropriate essay writing topics in English. That’s because one essay type requires following a strict structure, while the other gives you more room for contemplation. For example, an argumentative essay topic should be appealing and arguable as the author has to express their solid position and persuade readers. Descriptive essay topics concert describing things, preferably abstract. When you write a narrative essay, pay attention to topics that would enable you to tell a story of your experience. In the case of other essay types, you should also keep in mind their main purpose and requirements.

Know Your Interests

Before doing research and brainstorming ideas, you should define what interests you. A student who is enthusiastic about their writing can generate a better quality paper and do more research. You can look through the discipline lecture materials and the main themes you studied to decide what topic was the most engaging and easy for you.

Do Your Research

Once you are ready with the scope of your interest, it’s time to analyze everything you have and can find. These are written materials from classes and a library, as online sources, like books, articles, blogs, videos, news, and more. Depending on the subject, you can research sources whatever you like and find out what can be relevant and engaging to write about in your essay.

Brainstorm Ideas

The next stage of choosing English topics for essay is brainstorming all the ideas you generated doing research. A writer should ensure these topic ideas have enough reliable sources. You need to select the theme on which you can provide sufficient details. Besides, the topic should be not only engaging to you but also scientifically relevant. Make sure you have a strong opinion on the issue. Create different theme variants using keywords to select the best option.

Narrow Down Your Topic

As soon as you have several options for an essay theme, you can decide which one to select, considering its broadness or narrowness. You can reformulate your theme to make it more general or specific, but it’s better to focus on a specific aspect to make your essay unique. But at the same time, a too narrow topic may be challenging to support with relevant materials. In any case, an overgeneralized theme doesn’t give you space for original thoughts and can lead to repetitions and plagiarism.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative writing aims to persuade readers that your point is right. It involves research with supporting facts and data. The essay length and complexity depend on your academic level and discipline requirements. An argumentative essay has three main components: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. In order to create a good argumentative essay, you should definitely find an engaging topic and also generate a strong argument and thesis. Do comprehensive research to make your writing convincing. So let’s discover examples of argumentative English topics for essay.

  • Do food companies control our diets?
  • Can we live without the Internet?
  • Can any institution require you to be vaccinated?
  • Are we more depressed than a decade ago?
  • Should teachers assign grades to students?
  • Should selling tobacco products be banned?
  • Can we limit access to social media for specific groups of people?
  • Can we reduce the population by limiting urbanization?
  • Can we make recycling compulsory?
  • Is online learning effective?
  • Can capital punishment ever be justified?
  • So natural disasters occur because of climate change?
  • Is working from home more productive?
  • Are all humans responsible for climate change?
  • Is animal testing moral?
  • Do violent video games make people more aggressive?
  • Is cloning unethical?
  • Should children study religion at school?
  • Do we have a problem with fake news?
  • Can we stop human trafficking?
  • What is the best economic system, capitalism or socialism?
  • Does history repeat itself, and how can we learn from the past?
  • Do parents treat their children differently based on age and sex?
  • Should gym classes be obligatory?
  • Can we switch to electric transport globally?

Descriptive Essay Topics

Writing a descriptive essay and choosing a topic for it seems easy, as you just have to describe an event or person. But when a student starts thinking about descriptive essay writing topics, they cannot find the right option fast. That’s because the theme you select should showcase your writing skills and understanding of the subject. In a descriptive essay, writers have to use language creatively and create images with the help of vivid descriptions. You can select personal, imaginative, or conceptual essay topics depending on your will to describe something from your experience, imagine anything you like, or express something abstract. So what are these creative essay topics for a descriptive essay?

  • The book that changed my life.
  • The movie I like the most.
  • What may be the life on the other planet?
  • My brightest memory from childhood.
  • The place where I dream of living.
  • My favorite museum.
  • The career of my dream.
  • My way to school.
  • My parents are the most important people in my life.
  • The celebrity I want to meet with.
  • What person from the past do I want to see?
  • Why do I love my sibling?
  • The kind of person I want to become.
  • My time with my grandparents.
  • The most memorable birthday in my life.
  • My favorite pet.
  • The day I met my best friend.
  • What makes me excited?
  • Toys of my childhood I will never forget.
  • My first driving experience.
  • The guide on using a smartphone for elders.
  • Treasures of our family.
  • What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?
  • How to end relationships?
  • What traits do I prefer in people?

Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a story about your personal experience with a point. It should have some value for readers and teach, not simply narrate a good story. This essay type consists of all story elements, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. A writer should make a plot, introduce characters if there are such, describe the setting, and create a climax to impress readers. There should be a lot of details presented in chronological order. You may include dialogues for a stronger emotional impression on readers. Conflicts, flashbacks, figurative language, etc., all contribute to an excellent essay. Let’s find good topics for an essay narrating your story.

  • The day off with my classmates.
  • My most recent travel experience.
  • The role of friendship in my life.
  • Why I like camping?
  • Whose death influenced me the most?
  • The most memorable summer camp story.
  • My family traditions.
  • The most embarrassing situation in my life.
  • How do I usually relax?
  • My best partying experience.
  • My first participation in a sports event.
  • The vacation of my dream.
  • The thing I regret the most.
  • The funniest story about me and my friend.
  • What I love about school?
  • How do I combat procrastination?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • My last day at college.
  • Pros and cons of the Internet.
  • A scientist that inspires me.
  • The role of art in my life.
  • Food traditions in countries I visited.
  • How to cope with stress?
  • Challenges students overcome in college.
  • How do modern technologies help people?

Essay Topics for College Students

College students are often assigned to write essays on English topics. This task shows their understanding of the subject, interests, and writing skills. So if you are a college student, explore these English topics for essay.

  • The importance of education.
  • How technology contributes to education?
  • Famous leaders of my country.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Ways to overcome women empowerment.
  • The importance of sports.
  • Rome was not built in a day.
  • Same-sex marriages in our society.
  • Differences between UK and American English.
  • The role of online shopping.
  • The most beautiful places in Asia.
  • A pilot: one day in a plane.
  • A history lesson for my country.
  • One day in school.
  • My favorite writer.
  • Why do we all need a healthy lifestyle?
  • Canadian education system.
  • Benefits of taxation.
  • What do I feel entering a bookstore?
  • Cooking in my life.

Easy Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students can also find a variety of English essay topics. Here we prepared for you the most interesting ideas to help you create a unique essay.

  • My religious confession.
  • The biggest disappointment I have experienced.
  • What is the life of an NBA star?
  • My failed project.
  • My superstitions.
  • The role of printed media.
  • What should be the minimum marrying age?
  • My bucket list of wishes.
  • What technology is obsolete today?
  • Can music raise productivity?
  • Can plants be our pets?
  • Three most significant events of the XXth century.
  • Is homework useless?
  • How to resolve conflicts at school?
  • How to be more motivated?
  • What are better movies or books?
  • Myths about bipolar disorder.
  • Action speaks louder than words.
  • International Yoga Day.
  • Life in the country.

Social Media Essay Topics

Today students cannot imagine their lives without social media. So it’s crucial to research this topic and express your opinion in an essay. Let’s find absorbing social media essay writing topics in English.

  • Social media cancels culture promotion.
  • The role of social media in marketing.
  • How does social media influence our self-esteem?
  • Social media and education.
  • Why should we be more cautious online?
  • Can social media cause depression?
  • Is social media weakening relationships?
  • Stalking on social media.
  • Why do people use LinkedIn?
  • Can social media be used to defame someone?
  • Social media and cyberbullying.
  • Effect of social media on youth.
  • How to earn money on social media?
  • Social media security.
  • Role of social media in culture.

Environment Essay Topics

We should speak about environmental issues whenever we can, and a college essay is a good opportunity to raise awareness of nature and the environment among students.

  • How to save species from extinction?
  • The impact of climate change on wildlife.
  • How do urban ecosystems influence biodiversity?
  • The role of forests.
  • How to reduce land pollution?
  • Why are coral reefs endangered?
  • The phenomenon of climate refugees.
  • Why do severe weather conditions get more intense?
  • How does the greenhouse effect work?
  • What can everyone do to stop global warming?
  • What will happen to us if bees become extinct?
  • How do birds migrate?
  • How does pollution affect marine ecosystems?
  • How can our country become greener?
  • Elements of a sustainable life.


Writing an English essay is easy now, as you know tips for choosing the right theme and a list of great topic examples. You can find lots of topic ideas, but you should consider your subject requirements and your own interests. At our essay writing service, you can get professional assistance in writing an English essay and selecting the appropriate theme for it. Contact us anytime you need, and our expert writers will solve any issues.

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