Elena is working on a project to create a new pet leash for her pet supply company. Which of the following items is a deliverable, as opposed to a requirement? Luxury options in a range

  Question 1

Elena is working on a project to create a new pet leash for her pet supply company.

Which of the following items is a deliverable, as opposed to a requirement?

Luxury options in a range of leathers

Leashes available in red, brown, and navy blue

Prototypes to showcase at stakeholder meetings

A leash handle that can adjust the length to between four and eight feet


Which of the following statements relates to the iterative methodology?

Information from early work sections impacts later work sections. 

Each work section depends on an initial plan.

A great deal of time is spent on planning.

Each work section is completed before moving forward.


Which of the following elements is NOT detailed in the scope document?






Elizabeth is planning a high school reunion at the city park.  When researching the weather, she found that there was a 15% chance that it would rain on the selected weekend. However, if it did rain, it would be a disaster — they would have to rent a tent to cover the seating area, they wouldn’t have any indoor space for the caterer, and their DJ wouldn’t be able to perform.

Which of the following lists the corresponding degree of probability and the level of impact that a rainy weekend would have?

Medium probability and medium negative impact

High probability and high negative impact 

High probability and medium negative impact

Low probability and high negative impact


Which of the following stakeholders is responsible for completing assigned work needed to produce a deliverable? 

Project sponsor

Project team member

Project manager

Key decision maker


Which of the following responsibilities is performed by a project manager?

Manages the overall direction of a group of related projects

Manages a set of deliverables, budget, and team members

Manages the day-to-day operations of a business

Holds the ultimate decision making authority within the project


Which question corresponds to a project outcome expectation?

What do stakeholders believe is provided by the project?

Who should be informed as the project proceeds?

What advantages will result from the project?

Who will make decisions during the project?


Which of the following would be considered a tangible benefit of a small business’s project to evaluate possible store locations with the intention of moving to a new location based on the project results?  

More prestigious neighborhood image

Safer environment for customers and employees

Better relationships with vendors

More square footage for inventory storage


Which item in the scope document can be used to develop the key question, “How?” 






Project manager Caedan estimated the number of days it would take to paint lines and erect bleachers in the open space of his town’s park to create soccer fields for a new youth soccer league.

Which of the estimate types below did Caedan make? 






Which of the following describes a program? 

Several activities that are recurring

Has a specific budget and end date

Group of work with well-defined results

Several projects that address the same opportunity


Which of the following is an example of a change in time for the project Will managed to develop a film documentary on alligators in the Florida Everglades?

A stakeholder requested the team film both male and female alligators.

Will had to adjust the dates for filming due to an unexpected hurricane off the Florida coast.

The film crew hired a guide to help them find the animals.

Will found errors in the research document created by his team.


Which of the following items would Renee complete in Phase 4 of the project life cycle if she was planning a project to organize a vacation package for a group of retirees?

Renee resolves issues with date conflicts when making hotel reservations.

Renee conducts a post-vacation survey to learn which hotels the travelers liked best.

The stakeholders tell Renee their goals for the vacation.

Renee assigns a team member to rent a charter bus.


Which of the following describes the value a project has for an organization?

Project objectives

Stakeholder expectations

Business case

Project charter


Which of the following will the project sponsor do if the scope is not approved for a project?

Assign the project to a different project manager

Require the current project manager to modify the scope

Require the stakeholders to modify the scope

Kill the project


Which of the following is an example of a process project? 

Develop a new school club

Provide online tutoring for all core subjects

Instruct students on the dress code policy

Change the methods for hiring teachers


Jordan finalized the project timeline and the costs associated with the development of the wellness program. He has assigned all of the project work to team members.

Jordan is ready to start the managing phase of the project, but first he must go through the __________, a checkpoint in which he gains the approval of the project sponsor.

project gate

project sales pitch

project deliverables

project planning process


Which of the following correctly describes the impact of a risk?

Impact is used to determine the methodology for a project.

Impact is derived from documenting assumptions about the project.

Impact is the chance a risk will happen during a project.

Impact is the effect a risk has on progress towards completion.


If a marketing department will create an advertising campaign for cereal in an effort to increase sales by 12% by the end of the second quarter, which component of SMART below does the phrase “increase sales by 12%” represent?



Time phased



If the project sponsor never gives the project manager authority to make decisions and the project fails, which reason for failure below does this illustrate?

Problems with project deliverables

Problems with communications

Problems with unforeseeable circumstances

Problems with the project process


Hunter is managing a silent auction and extra items were added last minute.  An hour before the start of the auction, he estimated the extra space needed to display these items and recognized he would need to arrange for more tables.

Which key project manager skill did Hunter use?

Interpersonal skills

Organizational skills

Analytical skills

Communication skills


Which of the following is NOT true regarding the role of a project manager? 

A project manager communicates both good and bad news to stakeholders.

A project manager manages the expectations of all project stakeholders.

A project manager understands the need to maintain confidentiality.

A project manager must have expertise relevant to the assigned project.


Which of the following steps will a project manager perform last when gathering and documenting stakeholder expectations?

Interview stakeholders to gather expectations

Prepare questions to discuss with stakeholders

Document the results from interviews

Resolve any conflicts between stakeholders

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