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Fitzgerald’s talk about interpersonal communication in the future world has analyzed the required formula that young people should look at in the effort of gaining the confidence of young people facing offline communication as opposed to the prolonged use of online communication. People have lost the ability to communicate face-to-face with other individuals. She has also expressed verbal and non-verbal communication in her talk which shows that she has gathered the courage as a young person to communicate to many people.

Fitzgerald displays some characteristics of verbal and verbal communication that cats as her strength while she is addressing the listeners. She is using questioning so that she can obtain information from the topic and also encourages the listeners to participate in answering her questions. She has used both open and closed questions which captures the attention of the listener. She is not bulking the listeners with unnecessary information but she has an outlined summary and point-to-point and the listeners taking notes have a clear outline of what they are to take note of. The choice of words that the speaker users are understood by those listening to them thus creating an audience that is understanding the topic of the day. The speaker actively engages the audience by asking them to speak to their neighbors and respond to a question she asked can be explained by the effective capturing of the attention of those who she had displaced.

In non-verbal communication, Fitzgerald uses facial expressions, body movements, gestures, and also eye contact with the listeners making it a more interactive session and keeping the listeners in check. Her body is relaxed and she moves freely on the stage showing confidence in her speech. Her sounds indicate she is compassionate to the listeners and she desires that she will capture the attention and help them receive the message well. However, the use of gestures is overused which can carry the attention of the audience to focus on her movements rather than capturing the message.

Fitzgerald organized her speech effectively with the use of a simple world, real-life experiences, and also a chance to relate to the surrounding (2015). She organized her talk by introduction, engaging the audience, examples, and also written literature research than a conclusion. This helps the mind of the audience to be attentive and have the urge to listen to what she speaks next. She does not dwell on an explanation for long and it can make the mind of the audience wonder around. She outlines major characteristics of effective communication such as active listening, nonverbal communication t, use of rhetorical questions, problem-solving speech, clarity, confidence through face-to-face, and speaking audible words that anybody can understand. She also shows empathy and compassion making one to be attentive, she expresses respect while expecting feedback from the audience.

In conclusion, Fitzgerald has shown most if not all characteristics of effective communication and means of keeping the audience more engaged and not tiring them with non-essential words. She has little weakness in her speech delivery which makes a perfect example of the speech she was delivering about interpersonal relationships. She has learned over the years about effective communication as the generation involved has been more involved in online and social media making them not much exposed to face-to-face communication. Verbal and nonverbal communication are both essential in effective communication when both are combined. The absence of one makes a boring talk and tires the audience. Effective communication can therefore be practiced through much practice and interactions with people face to face and learning from previous mistakes.


Fitzgerald, C (2015). Interpersonal Communication in the Future World. https://youtu.be/JsC9ZHi79jo

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