Education homework help

Complete  a web search to find a cartoon or advertisement in the popular media  that conveys an image or message related to sexuality and older people.  Examine the medium’s portrayal of sexuality in older adults by answering  the following questions. Also, attach or provide the url of your  cartoon or advertisement with your assignment submission. Make sure that  you choose a cartoon that will provide ample information for you to  write about.

Answer the following questions. Be sure to use two  references, other than your media item, to support your work. Your job  is to convince me that you have a clear understanding of the issues  surrounding sexuality and the elderly.

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Education homework help

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  1. What is the message of the popular media cartoon, or advertisement?
  2. What  examples of physiological, psychological, or social aspects of sexual  development are conveyed? Explain. Be sure to address each of the 3  aspects in your discussion.  Education homework help

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