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King (2023) explained there are four key attitudes of scientific research including critical thinking, skepticism, objectivity, and curiosity. This first assignment will focus on the last attitude of curiosity. What are you curious about related to human behavior? Have you ever wondered, “Why did they do that?” when looking at someone else’s behavior. The first step in writing is to choose a topic that interests you.
Assignment Instructions:
For the first assignment, you will need to spend some time looking through the textbook, The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View (King, 2023). You may want to start with the chapter titles and then look within a chapter that seems interesting. Browse the chapter for specific topics, concepts, theories, ideas, etc, that seem to spark your interest. Make a list of these topics as you look through the text.
From this list, identify three (3) that you might want to explore further. Is it something you want to learn more about? Do you have personal experience with that topic? Is it something you have never heard of but at first glance are curious about?

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Sample Answer


The impact of social media on self-esteem and body image: This topic is of interest to me because I have often wondered about the effects of social media on individuals’ perceptions of themselves and their bodies. I am curious to explore the research findings and understanding the mechanisms behind this influence.
The role of genetics in determining personality traits: I have always been intrigued by the nature versus nurture debate, particularly when it comes to personality. Exploring the influence of genetics on personality traits would allow me to delve deeper into this fascinating area of human behavior and understand the extent to which genetics shape who we are.
The effects of childhood trauma on adult mental health and well-being: This topic is both personally relevant and intriguing. Having personal experience with childhood trauma, I am curious to explore the psychological impact it can have on individuals as they grow older. Understanding the long-term effects of childhood trauma on mental health and well-being would not only enhance my knowledge but also provide insights into potential interventions and support systems for affected individuals.
These three topics offer a balance of personal interest, curiosity, and potential for gaining new knowledge and insights into human behavior.

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