Discussion Thread: Morals

“Living up to the holy just loving standard is easier said than done.  As morally flawed individuals, we tend to ignore God’s character and engage in self-delusion.  Rather than serving God and others throughout our businesses, we are sorely tempted to act egoistically.  It is all too easy to gravitate toward the following moral error” (Hill, 2018, p. 323).:

1.  Idolize business success

2.  Set lower ethical standards in the marketplace (dual morality)

3.  Comply with only the minimal letter of the law

4. Lie

5.  Conceal relevant information.

6.  Benefit from conflict of interest situations

7.  Exploit employees

8.  Cheat employers

9.  Abuse the environment

10. Hoard wealth

11.  Exploit overseas workers  

Choose two of these moral errors and discuss how this can be prevented and how this should be prevented.