Best Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

August 8, 2023
George Orwell

Students know about the significance of originality and uniqueness. They also know how to write plagiarism-free assignments and papers. However, they still face a lot of issues due to unintentional plagiarism.

Students write assignments and research papers themselves, and when they check for plagiarism with a reliable plagiarism checker, it shows numerous plagiarism instances. They may find themselves in deep trouble if they submit their work without locating and removing copyright infringements.

So, what’s the solution to all this problem? The answer is simple: use a reliable and advanced plagiarism checker to ensure the uniqueness, and never submit it until your assignments or research papers are unique.

Here comes another big issue. What are the best and most reliable plagiarism checkers? Almost all plagiarism detectors claim to be reliable, but most aren’t.

In this article, we will talk about five of the best plagiarism checkers that professional writers, researchers, and students can use to detect plagiarism in their content.

Here they are!


This plagiarism checker is equally helpful for all kinds of writers. Whether you are a researcher, student, content creator, or even a professor, you can utilise this tool to analyse whether a piece of content is unique. This platform has the trust of educational institutes like Nanyang Technological University Malaysia. Their students and teachers use this plagiarism checker online to ensure academic integrity.

Similarly, many professional writers use this plagiarism tool to make their work original. Writers use this tool because they are satisfied with its results. Even website owners also trust this platform because of its efficiency. If this plagiarism detector passes any content, they believe it is original. The most significant benefit of this tool is that it is free for anyone. Plus, users can check as many words as they want. 

1.1 Pros of PlagiarismChecker

Free to Use

This plagiarism checker is also free for everyone. Even if you want to use it regularly, you won’t need to buy its subscription. However, its free facility can only help when you want to check 800 words in each query. Once you check those 800 words and remove plagiarism from that, you can check the following 800 words, and this is how you can check as many words as you want.

Helpful to Students and Teachers

Besides professional writers, PlagiarismChecker is also very helpful for students and researchers. It can help them accurately locate plagiarism in their assignments and research papers. Teachers can also use this tool to analyse their students’ assignments.

Advanced Algorithms

The plagiarism checkers who never update their methods become unreliable with time and fail to match the pace of the time. PlagiarismChecker frequently upgrades its algorithms to stay dependable. This quality makes it much better than other plagiarism checkers and is one of the biggest reasons for its success.

 Support Multiple Languages

PlagiarismChecker is helpful for a wide range of users. It not only supports the English language but many other languages as well. Due to this particular reason, many writers who write content in other languages prefer using this plagiarism tool over others.

SmallSEOTools is one of the most used plagiarism checkers that frequently gets updated with time. It doesn’t rely on old methods to detect plagiarism. Although it still uses its database of billions of web pages, it also uses AI technology to detect AI plagiarism and paraphrased sentences. AI technology makes it a great plagiarism checker that helps it locate contextual plagiarism. All the students and teachers from different institutes prefer to use this plagiarism check free, as it gives accurate results.

All writers and researchers who want to avoid plagiarism must use this plagiarism checker to ensure their paraphrased content is also plagiarism-free and unique. Usually, writers believe that minor paraphrasing and changing a few words can remove plagiarism from their work.

Yes, this technique can deceive ordinary plagiarism checkers but not reliable ones like SmallSEOTools. This is why most writers rely on it instead of many unreliable plagiarism tools.

2.1 Pros of SmallSEOTools


The most significant reason behind SmallSEOTools’ success is its accuracy. It doesn’t matter whether you want to submit your content to a university, website, or embassy; this plagiarism checker can always help you. That’s why many professional writers use this plagiarism tool and never want to use any other plagiarism checker.

Ease of Use

SmallSEOTools is also very easy to use. When you open the website, you quickly understand how to check the content for plagiarism. You don’t need to watch tutorials or YouTube videos to understand what to do next. Plus, this website is compatible with all devices. Therefore, even if you are a mobile user, you don’t find any difficulty in using this tool.

Downloadable PDF Reports

Sometimes, checking the content for plagiarism isn’t enough for writers. They must also convince others that their content is unique and not copied from other online sources. To gratify this need, SmallSEOTools has started providing downloadable plagiarism reports. These plagiarism reports are in PDF format so writers can send others as proof that their content is unique.

Report Sharing Option

Apart from providing detailed downloadable reports, this tool also helps you share the reports with others. You can easily and quickly share all the reports with others. Moreover, you can also get a print to attach to your content and save your reputation and work. These reports can satisfy others that your content is unique and has no instances of plagiarism.


PlagiarismDetector is a plagiarism tool known for its accurate results. That’s why it also has the trust of a lot of users. It’s only one thing that differentiates an ordinary plagiarism detector from great ones, and that is accuracy. Due to its accuracy, we can say that it is one of the most helpful plagiarism checkers for professional writers, students and teachers.

Apart from its accuracy, this plagiarism checker is easier to use than many other plagiarism checkers. When you open the website, you realise what to do to detect plagiarism. Moreover, PlagiarismDetector has recently introduced its AI detector, which can help website owners and professors to analyse whether the content is generated by an AI or written by a human. 

3.1 Pros of PlagiarismDetector

Accurate Reports

PlagiarismDetector always provides accurate reports to all of its users. Its algorithms make sure that not even a single copyright infringement goes undetected. Moreover, it never shows false positives to enhance writers’ work. Due to its accurate reports, many professional writers prefer this tool over others.

One of the biggest reasons behind this plagiarism checker’s efficiency is its deep search facility. Instead of checking only a few lines or paragraphs, it profoundly scans all the content, compares it to its database of billions of online articles and web pages, and uses AI technology to find contextual plagiarism.

Data Safety

This tool also provides data safety as it never saves any content on its servers. Some plagiarism checkers save the content in their database, and when someone rechecks the same content, it shows plagiarism in the entire content. Such plagiarism checkers create multiple issues for users. On the other hand, PlagiarismDetector never saves your articles in its database until they are published online.

AI Plagiarism Checking

This plagiarism detector always uses AI technology to locate plagiarism. AI technology enhances its efficiency and makes it more trustworthy. Even if a single sentence is matched with any article published online, it can detect it, highlight the sentence and show from where that text is copied.


If you have tried multiple plagiarism checkers and have yet to find a dependable one, DupliChecker is an excellent platform to check plagiarism. DupliChecker has the trust of millions of internet users, including SEO experts, writers, webmasters, etc. They know that all of its tools are efficient and provide accurate data that users want. However, its plagiarism checker is its most-trusted tool that people like to use.

This tool also uses its own database and AI technology to detect contextual plagiarism. As it is the age of artificial intelligence, DupliChecker has started using AI-based algorithms to make it more precise and trustworthy. With this particular technology, it could become easier for plagiarism checkers to provide the right results.

However, many AI-supported plagiarism checkers usually show false positives that disappoint professional writers and enhance their work. Fortunately, you won’t find such issues with DupliChecker.

4.1 Pros of DupliChecker

Free to Use

DupliChecker offers an accessible plagiarism-checking facility to its users. If you are a professional writer and want to save the money you spend on checking plagiarism in your content, you can use DupliChecker, which is free.

Moreover, it allows users to check as many words as they want. That makes it an excellent choice for students who need help to afford to use paid and expensive plagiarism checkers.

Detailed Reports

DupliChecker provides detailed plagiarism reports to all of its users. If the webmaster or your client has asked for a detailed plagiarism report, this plagiarism checker free tool is the best for you. Usually, only paid plagiarism checkers offer this service to their clients. If you are a DupliChecker user, you don’t need to worry about it. Its reports show the plagiarism percentage, plagiarised portions, and where the content is copied.

Use of AI Technology to Detect Plagiarism

The best thing about this plagiarism checker is that it uses AI technology to detect plagiarism. In this age of AI, plagiarism checkers still relying on old methods don’t provide accurate results. They can only detect plagiarism when the content is copied word-by-word.

However, Google and other search engines also consider contextual plagiarism as a form of plagiarism and don’t rank websites having it. That’s where this plagiarism checker can come in handy. 


DupliChecker is also known for its efficiency. All of its tools, including the plagiarism checker, are very efficient in detecting plagiarism. As mentioned earlier, this tool uses AI technology to detect plagiarism, which makes it more efficient and dependable. If you want the best results, look nowhere: DupliChecker is always there for you.

5. is the most underrated plagiarism checker on the list. Like every plagiarism checker mentioned in this article, SearchEngineReports is reliable and trustworthy and always provides accurate and detailed reports to its users. Plus, this plagiarism detector supports multiple types of files, which can help users quickly locate plagiarism in their text.

It also offers a deep scanning facility to all its users, which can help locate plagiarism even in paraphrased text. This facility also helps web admins locate plagiarism in articles written by their writers. They can scan the whole content and find out whether their writers have written it themselves or got assistance from others’ work.

5.1 Pros of SearchEngineReports

Support Multiple Files

SearchEngineReports allows users to check plagiarism in multiple ways. For instance, if someone wants to copy and paste the text, they can do it with ease. Similarly, if someone wants to check the content using a URL, uploading Word or PDF files from their devices, or uploading them using DropBox, they can do it without hassle.

Deep Scanning

SearchEngineReports also offers a deep scanning facility for its users. The deep scanning facility helps the plagiarism checker detect all the plagiarised instances in the content. In short, no one can deceive this plagiarism checker using any trick.


It also allows users to compare results to know how much editing is required to bring uniqueness and remove plagiarism instances. Moreover, it assists users in analysing whether the plagiarism instances need any changes.

Detect All Types of Plagiarism

With SearchEngineReports, you can easily detect all types of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, direct plagiarism, accidental plagiarism, and mosaic plagiarism. So, if you have this plagiarism tool, you don’t need to worry about anything.


There is no doubt in the fact that professional writers always create unique content with no plagiarism instances. However, they still need a plagiarism checker to find all the accidental plagiarism instances and remove them to make their content 100% original. They want a plagiarism checker that locates all copyright infringements and never shows false positives.

This article has listed the five best plagiarism checkers that professional writers can use to bring originality to their work.

Moreover, it has discussed the pros of each plagiarism checker. Now it is up to you which of them you like the most according to your needs and preferences.

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