Assessment 2: Case Study Report

Assessment 2: Case Study Report

Due date: Week 10
Group/individual: Group (3-4 members)
Word count/Time provided: 2500 – 3000 words
Weighting: 40%
Unit Learning Outcomes: UL01, UL02, UL03, UL04

 Assessment 2 Detail

This is a Group Assessment. Students are free to select their preferred group. There can be 3-4 students in a Group. Students are supposed to select a Case Study on preferred organisation highlighting Micro or Macro elements of the economy.

Students are supposed to review the economy situation of the economy and explaining how the economy is supporting the organisation to do a successful business. Kindly consider the points mentioned below in your explanation: Order Now from Course Researchers1. Provide the introduction of the organisation in reference to the economic situation in which it is doing the business.

2. Analysis micro / macro economy elements favouring the organisation in the Covid-19 Situation.

Students need to provide a detailed description of the eight major components mentioned below and provide information how these components are helping the organisation to grow and develop: –

  1. Gross Domestic Product and Economic growth
  2. Productivity and Employment rate,
  3. Competitive advantage.
  4. Inflation
  5. Aggregate demand and supply
  6. Technology, and production cost
  7. Industrial policy
  8. Monetary, and fiscal policy of the government etc

3. Demonstrate understanding of micro /macro elements and their negative effect on organisation and economy in the Covid-19 Situation.

4. Evaluate issues or claims about the organisation which needed consideration for improvement.

5. Analyse the impact of Covid-19 on the industry and the economy of Australia or country of choice.

6. Examine government economic policies and assess their positive and negative impact on the organisation.

7. Discuss the recommendation you will provide for improving the current situation of the organisation so that major economic of scales can be achieved by the organisation.

8. Conclusion

9. References

Write a 3000-word research report following the suggested structure/criteria provided below and submit the assessment in a single Microsoft Word document via the Assessment 2 Upload link on the Canvas system. Order Now from Course ResearchersReport Structure: It is suggested you use the following sections and headings to structure your research report.

  • Report preliminaries: Title page, executive summary, table of contents.
  • Introduction: Outline the nature of the industry applicable to the case study company. Provide a brief description of the case and purpose of the report.
  • Body: Present theoretical/conceptual research justifying the need for organisations to consider their external and internal environment.
  • Conclusion: Link the arguments presented in the body to form sound and logical conclusions.
  • Recommendations: In line with conclusions, offer specific recommendations designed to aid in achievement of the selected case initiative.

Assessments 2 Marking Criteria and Rubric

The assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 40% of the total unit mark. The marking criteria and rubric are shown on the following page.

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