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Then, Answer the following questions:




1) Over the last 75 years the United States has experienced much growth and maturity relative to the transitioning legal roles assumed by human resource managers.  Several pieces of legislation are cited in the assigned reading of Fallon and Zgodzinski. 

A.) Pick one and explain why it is important to you;

B.) What makes this piece of legislation important to job seekers in 2015?



2) Within a position description (job description), there is more than likely a list of ‘principal duties performed’. 

A.) Why is it important for applicants to have this information? 

B.) Visit the website above and pick one of New York’s Department of Health (DOH) Employment Opportunities of which you would want to apply. 

Review the Responsibilities section (Essential Job Functions) of that job.  

C.) Why would you be interested in this job?

D.) After graduating from yur collage with your degree, would you qualify for this job?  Why or why not?



3)Fallon and Zgodzinski cite three (3) different types of interviews “In the pictures”.  Assuming you passed the screening process and was selected for an interview for the job you choose in question #2, what type of interview process would you prefer and why?




4) Show me the money!  Assuming an invitation for employment with the New York Public Health Department was extended to you and the direct (cash) compensation was ‘right’, what two indirect (noncash) compensation elements are you most concerned about and why?





– NO plagiarism, use your own words ONLY.

– Use simple words.

– No references, No citations.

– Please organize the answers, I need each question with its answer, no mixing.

– Due on Wednesday 23 Sep by 13:00 PM

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