8-2 Final Project II Submission: Risk Management and Ethical Analysis


Week 8 – Short Paper Guidance

Posted Oct 17, 2021 5:01 AM        

Class: I wanted to remind everyone that the In Module 8, you will submit your Final Project II Risk Management & Ethical Analysis.  This is a very short paper,  2-3 pages in length that provides a short recap on your corporation and then introduces the CSR Policies of your selected company. 

* Provide a short paragraph or two on EACH topic identified below: 

The paper is designed to provide an brief OVERVIEW &  HIGHLIGHTS on the topics assigned and is NOT an IN-DEPTH exploration of  the topics. This is why the paper has a limit of 2-3 page in length. 

You will need to be focused in your responses and edit each section appropriately in this final paper.  Please use the following format that I have provided for your paper. It  should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical  elements of the final product. Please make sure to review the assignment  rubric found in the week 8 module.

The following are the Paragraph Subject/Topic headings to use for this final paper. Please copy and paste, then provide a discussion for each topic in the following order:

I. Corporate Overview:  Discuss and provide a short summary and corporate overview.

II (A). Risk & Challenges of WCM: Discuss  briefly the most important challenges that financial managers may  experience working with short-term “working capital”. 

II (B). Risk & Challenges Economic & Political: Discuss the key economic and political risks which may impact decisions and valuations.  

II (C). Risk & Challenges Industry Specific: Discuss the key “industry” risks that can impact manager decisions.

II (D). Risk & Challenges Company Industry: Discuss the short-term and long-term company challenges.  

III (A). CSR Ethics Stakeholders:  Discuss the “CSR” policies that impact stakeholders.  

III (B). CSR Ethics Impact: Discuss the impact that CSR policies have.

III (C). CSR Ethics Role: Discuss the role that “Ethics” can play in business.

III (D). CSR Ethics & Decision Making: Discuss the importance of CSR and Ethics in financial decision making.

Please remember to submit your final paper by midnight Sunday of week  8 which is the last day of our class.  The length of this submission is  not to exceed 3 pages in length.  This does  not include a cover page (Optional and if you include one) or the  citation page.  Please note as previously posted, you will not be able  to submit this assignment late as our class ends this Sunday at  midnight.  Thanks, Brian 

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