#2 Tech Hazards – Reply Post

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For this week’s discussion we were asked to describe ‘man-made’ hazards and how might you distinguish them from ‘technological’ hazards, the nature of a ‘man-made’ hazard, why is it in the estimation of many, far less unpredictable and potentially, far more hazardous, and to pick what we think most probable and how might we mitigate the potential for.  Man-made hazards are hazards that are due to human intent.  This could consist of terrorist attacks, or negligence of human actions such as air craft crashes.  Technological hazards are hazards that are from technological or forms of industrial conditions such as nuclear radiation, dam failures, or chemical spills.

The nature of a man-made hazard is the intentional way of causing potential harm to the masses.  The reason that some of these are deemed to be far less unpredictable yet more hazardous is that there are many procedures in place to prevent these situations from occurring.  If there is an incident for a potential chemical spill, there is usually a higher risk to the surrounding area as well as the citizens that are located nearby.  Also keeping track of those who would intentionally do harm to those around is hard to predict unless if they have committed previous acts of intentional harm or negligence.

Of the different types of man-made hazards I think the most probably that we could try to find forms of mitigation to improve the response actions would be for items such as aircraft crashes.  These could be a higher risk for areas that have airfields that operate with current operations/flights.  By understanding that there is a risk due to some form of issue, or the piolet themselves we could assist with preventing these items by providing better training for situations where this could be a higher chance of occurrence.  I also think that ensuring that there are persons who are trained in the civilian side such as police and medical on how to approach these areas the response itself could be more streamlined.  By for the planning stage I think that assessments should be completed to ensure that there are processes in place to ensure that the teams who are flying can have full assurance and ability to fly each time they get onto the planes.

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